Texting For A Spanking

My wife and I have multilevel house. This afternoon she was in the upper level working on her weaving loom and I was way downstairs in the basement, three levels below, working on my model train layout. I get a text from her and we exchanged the following, paraphrased:
wife - am upstairs, how are you doing?
me - doing fine. painting a tankcar. I think I am naughty
wife - guess we should do something about it
me - yes you should
wife - trying to figure out what to do about that
me - I think you should tell me to go into the backroom, bare my bottom, bend over a stool and be told to not let go adn then you should spank me
wife - am texting you THOSE instructions plus you need to light two candles. I will choose the incense but I have to finish my tea.
me - ok on my way
wife - prepared yet
me - (had to go back downstairs to my phone) 10 seconds
wife - BAD!!

so I went into the backroom, took my pants and overshirt off to be naked, bent over the stool and remained in that position for about five minutes for her to show up. she showed up, took the paddle and spanked me good, I never moved, endured the pain, and she sttopped. then she bent over and I spanked her good also. hugging more, we then moved onto great sex on the floor.

what a great afternoon delight that was and I had a good red bottom and a smile on my face.
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

How long have you been in this type of relationship? specifically meaning a switch?