Goal Setting and Planning What a Wonderful Thing

i am  definitely a Goal setter ... I like to write mine out ..one of the best books i ever got that helped me learn to work on myself was marilu henners 30 day health makeover ... Even if your plan isnt to make over your health it has many different things in it ... very helpful tips .. the way i set up my goals is this 

 a great site to work on personal growth is coping .org ...

it has articles on self esteem , irrational beliefs ( and they are not just for people with mental illness everyone has some sort of distorted thinking about themselves ) weight loss ,  patience . Very useful site i love it... in the patience   section it goes over goal planning .. but goal planning is so fun and helpful   if anyone wants help message me i would be glad to help

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1 Response Mar 19, 2007

I agree, its very important to have an understanding of how to plan and organize goals. This can transform your life!