I Will Never Be the Person I Want to Be.

i can never be good enough. no matter how far i get, it is never good enough, even though i dont think im really a perfectionist. i will never be satisfied with what i am.
chocolatesmile chocolatesmile
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3 Responses Apr 14, 2007

I just noticed how old this post is, I hope presently you are doing better

Well why do you suppose that is? What aren't you satisfied with? My best friend is like this, she sets up goals for herself and accomplishes them but it doesn't seem like it is enough for her and she finds her self still not happy. You are young and have your entire life waiting for you - to grab hold of it. You need to find what makes you happy and stick with it, giving yourself the chance to embark on what entices your interest; it will make you feel better about yourself. But please try to have a positive perspective because we are all only one individual in this world and at the end of every night we only have ourselves. And i truly believe all good people deserve to be happy. Whether it be picking their desired career or trying to date the person they like. Life should not be concentrating on failures or hardships but all the attempts and efforts we put into what we want and I guarantee you'll be happier or too tired to care lol ;)

dont fear perfection...you'll never reach it... ",