Found A Man To Share My Reallllll Self!

I was an extremely sexual being as a child...probably as early as 10. I could get myself off in many different ways but I was so curious about my body ....and you don't DARE ask if it's normal. Brought up as a church going military brat, there were certain expectations and you didn't break from that "ideal normal". My favorite sexual act was to wrap myself up in anything....tape, string...whatever I could to resemble what people now refer to as a harness.....but never has ANYONE known! I endured a viscious rape, being molested, an 8 year numb with one guy that I submitted to and a ragin alcoholic for a husband for 11 years who passed away in my arms....and now I reunited with an amazing man that I went to high school with and hadn't seen in 25 years....we maintained a long distance relationship for a little over a year. My number one rule was blatant, no holds barred, honesty...couldn't love him if I couldn't trust him.....and then I find out he was IMing other random women on one of those LIVEchat sex rooms.....I don't even want to know what it said...but I consider it cheating and LIEING! He figured if it were hands off and without visuals....then he was safe...well, I almost kicked him to the curb but figured I had put in a year...I gave him the opportunity to spill the beans...told him that I would NEVER let that behavior or the highway...but that he had to give me a chance to show him how completely in love with him I was....that we had to be honest with ourselves and reveal the risk of being judged....but do you REALLY want to be in a relationship where you feel as though you have to tip toe around your true desires and needs..the things that make you feel WHOLE and comfortable in your own skin?? I guess I think that I'm not getting any younger and I don't want to waste my time with all the BS...lay it on the table and either work with it or move he spilled it...and so did I....come to find out he loves to be trampled and scratched and I love to wrap myself with harnesses and spank.....all along we felt as though we were soul mates..come to find out we were in every possible way....I'm proudly wearing my engagement ring and love the skin I'm in. (anyone have any tips for trampling...dialogue that works....I love this man with allllll my heart and I don't want anything to sound uneducated or silly/stupid...we have such great times together, I want it to be amazing...Calling all you Dom's....any advice??
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Watching erotic videos and discussing them together might be a grand start. Let him describe what he wants you to do to him, and if it helps have him write out his fantasy. Be honest in telling him where you feel most uncomfortable doing to him and try to start slow. Given time as you confidence builds and his trust in you, try doing more and more. Also, try to tell him your fantasies as well. There may just be a way in which both of you could mingle your particluar interests together and make it something magical between you two. It so happens, (believe it or not), I have been working on a story in which the guy is trampled by his girlfriend, and then turns around and practices bondage and spanks his girlfriend to show his 'superiority' I guess you could say. Seems strange a person that likes to be trampled being dominant, but I believe it's possible, and that is how I am writing it. Interesting game you might play: he ties you up and you walk over him to try to escape him. When you stop walking on him, he spanks you for trying to escape. Rinse and repeat and add some playful banter and viola!

Thanks for sharing with us. I encourage you to be open with your mate as you expect him to be to you. Explain, in detail and without embarassment, your desires and fantasies and encourage him to do the same as this is where a true relationship begins and fluorishes. Wishing you success and awaiting your next story.