The Perfect Story....

I am an aspiring writer, who is not published and/or is not actually completed anything in its entirety since the label of writer has landed on me (I despise labels). Writing my feelings and ideas is not the overwhelming part but the process of editing drives me to the nearest Valium or alcoholic beverage. To strive for the well written, clear sentence with the well-chosen words that evoke the reader to me truly is the greatest challenge. To pursue your sentences time and time again to ask yourself the question, is what I’ve intended to come through really coming through or is it just words strung together? Do the words really evoke the thoughts and feelings I am trying to evoke or am I just lazy with my words? I never stop asking myself that question.

I told someone about lazy writing and they just looked at me perplexed as if writing could not be considered lazy. To me, lazy writing is simple, not being true to the timeframe, character, story line and intent of the rest of the passage. A classic example to me is a HBO series titled "Rome". Although novel in its approach and beautifully acted, the writers of the show are lazy in researching the true language of the time and have placed the language in modern settings. An example of this is the word **** being used throughout the series. Historians have placed this word not being used as a verb until around the 14th century, way after the Romans lived and certainly after Julius Cesar’s time. The laziness of the writing comes through by not being true to the time frame? If you are going to spend as much time designing the costumes and developing the characters, shouldn’t one actually spend time making sure that the words spoken by the characters are true to the time period?

To be a writer worth merit, the words you chose in your narrative truly defines the ability of writing and how you interweave a story with the manipulation of characters becomes the paint for which one illustrates their story. It is all encompassing. I will write something thought provoking and emotionally charged, although I will always ask myself, did I chose the perfect words to describe and tell the story. Or was I lazy?

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1 Response Apr 20, 2007

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT...too bad people don't get this idea. Rome was...very violent. I watched it the first season, and a few episodes this season, and I came to the conclusion that it was disturbing, and exciting...which...troubled me, but that is another story. I am sure you will be a great writer...I am just the opposite. I LOVE to edit, except it usually means that I don't finish half of the stuff I write. Good Luck and Good fortune in your pursuit of writing!!!!