Change the World, Writers, It Is Tme.

Am I moving someone when I write, am I putting them in my collective capsule? Of course, not everything I write will be good (I am ambitious with my words-I want it to be great) but it usually means something, that is for sure. There are theories about art and literature that claim they should be for enjoyment only, entertainment...but I believe, now more than ever, that art needs to lift us out of despair, educate and connect us. The world is STARVING for it, for nuturing and creativity. I haven't been to the movies lately, but all of the commercials I hear about them sound lame, and there seems to be alot of remakes...could it be because all of the people working in the industry are in their 20's and early 30's and they grew up on video games and not a yard, they watched crappy, mundane programs with stupid dialogues and abundant violence? Yeah. Artists, come forth and claim your spike in the future and build a new underground railroad for the world, for the human culture. We need intervention before everyone turns violent, stupid or too apathetic to survive.

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Its not the fault of anything in particular, it's just that everything's happening at once, people have a hard time adapting to that kind of change. I expect to see the rise of many more artist types within the next few decades. When creativity is stifled there is only misery. And there's a lot of misery in the world right now.

Yes I think art's purpose is to move the world. Thanks for commenting, WC!

Your welcome. =)<br />
I just don't like the rest of the world in later times to lose tangibility. That we continue to use all our senses in expressing and appreciating the arts.

Very true, we need to rise above the status quo of mediocrity...and realize that ex<x>pression is a divine gift; we should treat it accordingly! Thanks for commenting, have a great night, Syl.

Very well said. The children of tomorrow need to experience the basics. I appreciate technology, don't get me wrong. But what the things we experience now... it just lacks the depth. Almost soulless. And that's sad.

Writting is so important because reading is so very important. When I am ingrossed in a good book, I have left this world and am living in whatever creation the author has invented for me. No matter how good or well-done a film may be, I can not lose myself in it. But a book, that is a thing of real value. Ideas and visions play across my mind, and I am not seeing words, I am seeing worlds.

I don't know a lot about video games...but I would say no, they are not. There are so many remakes because there are no good screenwriters with compelling characters or tragic maganaimous story lines...

Actually, you had legitimate points Dear, and I didn't really address them, so let's look them over now.... Are videogames responsible for movie remakes? I don't see any connection... Maybe if they are limiting what people are exposed to? But these same gamers have to go to school and work so this isn't "all they see"?" ... Maybe the point is that videogames is even "less quality time" than TV? I can buy that... Atleast the TV had has human actors in more real situations? That there's something "human" about TV that videogames still have yet to capture? Or maybe it's worse than I postulate.... I was assuming people not playing games would have automatically been watching TV if they were not there... Obviously not true?

What's popular in movies and music is pretty sad, that is mostly what I was referring to-a lack of meaningful dialogue in media, art, film, music, entertaimnent, ect....I realize that most people don't want to be entertaimed and talked with at the same time.good point about art nerds. I wrote this three years ago, so it is great to go back and read it. I think I was buzzed. Most all of my stories I wrote when I first got on this site.

I don't think it's as bad as you implied.<br />
<br />
Anyway you reminded me of my "fine art vs. design art" squalk. I actually had some guy come into one of my EP groups just to post a story saying that the stuff I had been posting about "isn't beautiful" just cause "he's been in that form of art/media for x number of years and he's a real artist and he appreciates real art".. He had a point but then so did I... He was a fine arts kinda guy... a person who'd describe himself and get described by others as an "artisan". On the other hand though, my love of words, names, fonts, and colors and all the stuff that makes up everyday commercial art is -no less valid-. <br />
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At the end of the day, the worth of something is the impact she has (including upon me, and a romantic love for something carries a heavy weight), not whether or not she pleased all the "art" "nerds"...

Thanks, William :-P<br />
Seems I have forgotten this goal though...right before I fell ill, I was working on a very cool project. I have kind of forgotten about it...thanks for reminding me.

Just read this article and all the comments and still feel the same way. You are terrific, Brut.

Oh Boxy...a following...most are just passerbys...<br />
And, you are my friend...Have a great day and thank you for all of your kind words.

Several hours ago I started to, again, read all of your stories. This is as far as I 've gotten. Between EP distractions, like looking at the profile of all the people have made interesting comments, and then looking at what interests we have in common and who we have as mutual friends, etc. I have not gotten as far as I wanted.<br />
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But I digress....<br />
<br />
Regarding this story: several years ago I read about an Art Museum that had been graffitied by someone who made a simple outline of a body with spray paint and then wrote, "Art Saves Lives." the museum director was so taken by the outline and the statement that he preserved the graffiti for quite a long time.<br />
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Preserve art !!! The life art saves may be your own!!! I could not help noticing that this article has been viewed 1000 times. You have a very large following, Brut, and I'm thankful that you have included me in your list of friends.

2007. Damn...have I been here that long...<br />
Hey Dew~ *hug*


blue dragon, exactly. by exploring the darkness it ceases to be dark.

Art and literature can lift us up but it shouldn't be its only aim. It should also educate and that can sometimes take us to dark places. Look at Picaso's 'Guernica' or Kurt Vonnegut's 'Slaughterhouse 5'. While both deal with terrible subject matter, they teach us about terrible wrongs and caution us against making these mistakes again.

thanks, DD. Hope you are feeling well. <br />
Yes, it is hard to relaize a vision at times in your life. The thing is, to not give up. But you know about that.<br />

My heart goes Out to you and I wish you luck as you will need luck as well as talent. Many great authors have been rejected time and time again until luck played a roll and one of there stories was picked up and published. <br />
<br />
I took a creative writing course and there were 50+, standing room only the first day. There was only four of us left on the last day. Hardest class I have ever taken and the instructor said the real world of publishing is far harder. <br />
<br />
He said you must have a burning desire to write and have something interesting to write about to have a chance. Again, god luck…DD

Hey Max! Thank you friend, have a wonderful day :-)

yes Luke...more than ever, the world needs an intelligent, creative conversation or letter. Have a great day :-)

Amen, for sure! A great call to action! May it be heeded. :) found this story from a google!? <br />
Thank you for the wonderful compliment :-) I tried to get a degree in writing, but I dropped out of college :-T it is not for everyone, I guess. Good luck to you, and whatever you decide to do, leatherback. Have a great night, and thanks for leaving such a gracious comment <br />

I have been toying with the idea to pursue a degree in Writing...I can not deny the fact that books to me are like a drug, the good kind of drug though. I have not ecountered a subject that I did not find fascinating. Today, while I googled writing+changing the world...I found your blog, which I find very inspirational. Thank for your evident passion when you write. Guess, I needed a jolt of electricity like such.

Hey SFM! You are a terrific writer! Hope you are havin' a good night friends!

I humbly approach this subject in pure agreement.

Tate, thank you. I think there is so much talent here, I don't understand why we don't have our own publishing company! all of you guys are so smart in that way! Thank you for saying that I can paint with words...that means a lot.

Thank you, Cinderelly. There are quite a few excellent writers (including you) on this site, and they all happen to be my friends! (you guys are great writers...seriously...)!

I think you are a beautiful writist, Brut, and I thoroughly enjoy reading your stuff. :)

Whacko, I always love to see your crazy face and striped tail...<br />
Thank you.

Well first of all, I want to say that for me, writing is actually about, well, just me. So, it may seem strange, but to me, if I am only reaching one type of person, then that is what I am meant to do. You don't have to change everything, or reach that broad spectrum, as long as you can change the slice that is reading you; shake them to thier foundations, I guess. I have to say,for me it is a purely selfish maybe this story...was jst a buch of BS. caught me.

That is right, Sab! I hope everyone steps out.

I know what you mean about some movies being lame; more often than not.<br />
<br />
I too call forth the creatives! And based on all the tremendous youthful tallent on EP, it should be no problem... There is some serious powerful writing out there from literally kids in years, but so mature and intelligent in their thoughts... makes a mom proud :)<br />
<br />
and artists.. poets.. musicians.. photographers.. SO MUCH TO OFFER THIS WORLD!

Thanks, Aristartle.<br />
<br />
I know there is a market for some of my stuff. I don't subscribe to mags...and I know the basic proccess, thanks to my friend who added a bunch of **** to my "favorites" is just a matter of finishing and submitting. <br />
<br />
Thanks for your encouragement!<br />
<br />
have a great day.

There's a market for everything. Have you tried to subscribe to Writer's Digest? It's got tons of resources in it. I think Stephen King should start a writer's clearinghouse - I'm sure your works would fit in there ;). I'm a big Stephen King fan. He wrote a book - I just happen to be reading - On Writing (catchy title, eh? lol); it's both semi-autobiographical and help for writers but it's not dull! Thanks for the compliment - I call that picture "Skinny Me." I've gained some weight since then but the picture is me ;o. Write me anytime if you want to toss around writing ideas or if I can help you any way.

well, I went to look at some places to submit some short stories...zoetrope, for one...and I think my stuff is...different. too dark. <br />
<br />
I don't really know how to go about it; I know nothing about publishing...and I can't focus long enough to learn...but, thank you for your encouragement, aristartle! did I tell you that I LOVE your profile pic...

As a writer who was born in the 60's and grew up in the 70s, 80s,90s and beyond, lol - I can relate to your post. Why do you take the lead though - seeing that it was your idea and all. You go first and I'll follow you.

Oh...whacko...keep trying. I am kind of the same way...very lazy. eventually, maybe you can help to get him on the right track. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks Tate! I hope art begins to move and strike people with emotion again. flashing u right now...

*extreme blushing*

PITTER PATTER goes the heart... you just found your way in.... LMAO

I have used my hands alot because of your juicy stories...they had trouble keeping up with my ****. So you aren't Herman Hesse yet; you are better-you are you.

I love to write but my words come so fast that it's all I can do to get them out. My hands often have trouble keeping up with my mind...

whaddaya mea, SP??? I think you are a perfect fit. out of my element here :}

That is true, RnC...people are hungry for more original meaning in their lives. I don't care if anyone ever knows my name or if I ever got any money...I just want to do something about the world, at least as much as a human being with a dictionary and thesaurus can do. Thanks for the comment, have a great day!!!

I totally agree. I see Charlie Rose and Tavis Smiley show and the artists they sometimes have on their shows say the same thing and believe that art is to be inspired. Elie Wiesel was not on the shows but he is a great writer who believes in the power of words. Many people do. We just have to do our research. They are out there, but are not in the mainstream b/c of all the crap the mainstream produces.

You move me.

Thank you...including you.

Damn, there's some good writers here!

"A new underground railroad for the world." BrutMystik, that is wonderful. Yes, there is a subversive quality to the best art, it leads its audience out of the mundane, superficial tinsel of our hollow lives down into the dark caverns of heart, soul, and pain - ultimately to vision and redemption. Where I live there are still many remnants of the actual underground railroad, and I think of the fear and the sense of hope.

Yes, Smebro is very, very smart. Erudite.

shear genius. Garbage in- garbage out.

This is true, although I have found e-books bearable on rare occasions. The war of the worlds is an awesome read (and surprisingly accurate to modern film) for free, as is Dracula and Frankenstein (still haven’t read the latter, defiantly have to given the way in which it was written).<br />
The fact I didn’t hate it is part of the reason I fear for the future of paper books. I like books but they are the only thing keeping the writing industry from turning into the music industry as far as copy-rights go (Records to CDs…books to Data)…and digital mediums are more accepted by the modern consumer…But I want to see my words bound and covered so I can feel the weight of my work, I don’t want to see bytes in the place of pages.

The revolution of the ashes will save books again-are visualality is being reduced to 1 inch screens-and no one does murals anymore. Pixels suck, man.

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John Galt is the name of:<br />
<br />
John Galt (novelist) (1779–1839), a Scottish novelist and colonial administrator <br />
John Galt (Atlas Shrugged), a character in Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged ***************************<br />
I need to read some Ann Rand, she’s been on my 'to read' list for years. <br />
Anyway, I agree Brutmystick, we're so saturated in entertainment, I doubt many people really question the quality of their entertainment, we just watch. I really hope that books don't die in the electronic/conservation age...I can see why they would, if palm-pilots and mobile computers became a mainstay…but I still hope. Anyways, artists unite to open the minds of the population!!! Power to the creation!!! Three exclamation marks!!!

I don't you? Should I know? I am curious.

Who is John Galt?

Yes, writing is a powerful way to free yourself from fear and learn to say things. Thanks for the comment!!!!

I agree, it's time that we empower people through writing or whatever medium most prolific. Lets be less superfluous and more genuine and compassioante.

Amen....artists need express the light instead of the darkness. The world is aching for something to change.