Future Technology~ I Want To Find Someone Who Interesting In My Project...hehehe..a Few Years Later

have you watch cartoon or anime? where did they get the idea? flying car, amazing weapon..etc. i watch anime. NO.6. in that story i found the amazing bracelet. in that story..they call it NO.6 ID. well...in real life i found the same too. but...i'm not interesting. anyway..mine are IDM (Identification Memory) which this things keeps your ID, any important document. oh..and also when you shopping you only use this things...like credit card. its has GPS . when some people is missing we can use this to track him/her. well i know..there's a lot of weakness..i want to work about it...make it perfect without any single weakness..help me k? ;)
elisa97 elisa97
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012