She Offered To Lick It.

Well it was when I was about 22 I guess. The first time I had my *** licked. Little did I know how much I would enjoy it;) My girlfriend at the time,Kerri, real name by the way. Anyway we always had the most lustful, passionate sex. I loved eating her out and really got into licking her *** as well. She had the best *** I'd ever seen( I mean it was like JLo or Beyonce) no joke. I could eat her out and lick and play with her ******* for hours and she loved it. So one day she is giving me a blow job and starts playing with my balls and working her hand around them with a gentle squeeze. Well eventually she starts licking and gently sucking my balls and worked her hot wet tongue down below them. She had enough saliva mixed with my precum that she kept stroking my hard **** with her hand while she tongued closer to my *******. When I realized what she was doing I kind of looked at her quizzically. To which she just smiled and went back to work with that amazing tongue. She started lightly just brushing my *** with her tongue. Then she applied more pressure and circled my ******* with a warm wet lick. I have to say I loved it! She ate my *** like I did hers. Licking and tonging my ******* as she stroked my ****! Oh it felt so ******* good. The combination of both was driving me wild. Then she worked back up to my **** with that beautiful mouth and sucked me in and out. But she kept playing with my *** using her fingers in place of her tongue. She sucked my **** and played with my *** until she knew I was building up for an ******. Then she went back to licking my *** and stroking my **** with her hand and then she stiffened her tongue a little and started pushing it into my *******! It got more and more intense and she jacked my **** faster as she licked harder and faster with the wettest tongue until I came all over her hands myself and everything else! Oh.... And then she asks me did I like it? Lol! I said now its your turn. But that's another story...
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Love, love the story - reminds me of my favorite moments of discovery. Mmmm have any recent experiences? Still get your ******* licked by your partner?

Well she has a few times but unfortunately she isn't so into oral anymore. Sad and depressing, I know:(

I love eating a woman out, it's one of my favorite things and she could care less. And I could understand if I was not good at it but I know I am. I have made women squirt that didn't know they could do that before with just my tongue and mouth.

Kerri is so cool. And your so lucky.

Yes she was. We had some great times together