I have a longstanding habit of making assumptions about what other people think. It runs me into trouble without fail and it's almost constant when I interact with others. It's the reason I prefer to be alone. If I can give an example, I can say even now, when writing this story I realise very few people will come across it because often people who make assumptions don't admit to it. In all honesty I post things like this because I want to be told what I want to be told. I want people to tell me they understand, I want people to tell me they care and the truth is that they don't. I make foolish assumptions all the time; when I find someone who I would like to date I tend to assume that they feel the same way for me as I do for them when the reality often is that they don't. I've spoilt a few friendships when I have made the assumption that there was something more.

I just wish I didn't make so many assumptions.
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Feb 4, 2013