Astral Travel?

I'm not sure if I am an astral traveler. Let me share with you what I recently experienced.

I always experience sleep paralysis. I got used to it and eventually, I learned how to control and get out of it.

Last night, I had a dream. It felt so real. My physical body is sleeping, but my mind is fully awake. I got up and floated in the air. I watched myself asleep. I watched my family sleeping. Isn't that kinda creepy?

Then, I saw someone standing near the door. He was wearing a nice white coat. He asked me to come with him. I refused.

I tried to go back in my body by laying on it. As i lay on it, it felt like I have fallen into a deep abyss. Hmmm. How do I describe it? It felt like you fall in to a swimming pool with your back facing the water. I felt the pressure in my body. It was like I was really in water. The difference is, it was all black. I see nothing. And I was sinking.

I was scarred because it felt like I died.

I always knew the difference between reality and dreams. I knew when I am in a dream. I knew that my body is sleeping. But not with this. I forgot reality. I said to myself, "This is what dying felt like. Awful. Scary. Sad."

I felt a kick, like in the movie "Inception". Then, I woke up.

You know what's even stranger? The things that I felt when I was asleep, the feeling of sinking, that feeling when my body is being pressured, everything still lingers even if I was already awake.

I'm terribly confused. If I keep having this dreams, I may not be able to go back.

Any advice you got there? Anything is immensely appreciated.

Thank you for reading.
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2 Responses Jun 16, 2012

It takes time and patience it took me about three years. If you have a way to feel entropy that might speed up the process.

You were not dying you were in the astro form. That man in the white coat he was you're spirit guidance. Try meditation to reach a higher consciousness. I reached cosmic consciousness. With that you will have higher understanding of the cosmos. And you will no longer feel what you did it was just you're mind trying to figure out what is happening. Practice make perfect.

How do you reached cosmic consciousness? That's really cool. I'm still kinda afraid whenever I travel. I see a lot of "people" that I don't know or never seen. Is that normal? I watched the movie "Insidious" and it's freaking me out, I think that's why I'm afraid to travel.