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When I am not having prophetic dreams I am usually traveling and interacting with the astral planes. It's not every night. Sometimes I just dream; nightmares and rediculousness. Just dreams like everyone else.

My first memory of astral travel was at 7 years old. I remember lieing in my bed staring at a puzzle my mom made that was hanging on my wall. It was a beaitiful cabin in a colorful, flowery medow. Then I realized that I shouldn't be able to see as well as I could because there were no lights on. No, there were no lights in the house on, and we lived in the country with no street light near the house. It should have been pitch black, yet I could see everything in color, only dim. I think I wanted to turn on a light or something because I stood up when I realized this weird situation. I turned around and saw myself on the bed. I hears a voice. It was a man telling me that someone was after me. It was a witch, flying on a broom and screaming at me. I ran and ran untilI woke up. Remember, I was 7, and this will make sense later.

For several nights I was afraid to go to sleep and everytime I did she was there. This stereotypical witch. Green skin, hook nose, black pointy hat, screaming and cackling. Today I despise this stereotype because I am a witch. In any case, I finally got fed up with this ***** that wouldn't let me rest. I went to bed telling myself that I would get her and make her leave me alone! I fell asleep and she came flying after as usual. I didn't run. I stood still and watched her fly straight theough me. Then I turned around. She was standing begind me and I told her to leave me alone. I started chasing her! She screamed and ran away. I never saw her again.

After this experience, I was able to go to sleep and do what I wanted to. If I wanted to go somewhere I could. It wasn't long before I met my guide. When I did he told me why the witch chased me. He said that this was not a real witch, that witches aren't like that at all. He said she was something I would relate to fear as a child and it was necissary for her to frighten me. I asked him why. He told me that it taught me about my gift; the gift of applying my will to my dreams, and eventually to project at will. He said that it was important for me to be able to control my emotions and surroundings if I am to explore other places safely.

My guide's name is Urid. He has been with me for many many years, and has taught me many things. He is a powerful being, and after this encounter he began manifesting himself on this plane. He has shown himself to my brothers and 2 of my friends over the past 20 years. He has shown me places I never thought existed, and taught me ancient knowledge long lost to the modern world.

I have had 2 other guides that come and go from time to time, but Urid is here always. Constantly guiding me on this plane and others.

Thank you for reading this.
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Thanks for sharing youre story!
I wish I could find someone around to help me through to be able to Astrally Project.
There are questions and meanings to things that I wish to find out about my personal life and I'm searching for some kind of guide as you have found.