Heads Up, Incoming.

The dark kind and other evil beings are coming from the dream realms and the astral in larger numbers then ever before they are surging and moving on certain beings of "high value" i am trying hard to stop them but there are too many i cant cut them all down i can use some help and i can use some advice where i can others to recruit i will create a group called "I Will  Hold My Ground In This Spititual Battlefield". I hope we can join up and begin holding our own against them I will help anyone i can.
Tarxarin Tarxarin
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

nothing battles them like the Holy Quraan! Specifically "Sourat Albaqara" google and download it the see its effect utself! Good luck!

i know non muslims who hang at their houses portraits displaying verses of Holy Quraan for protection and feeling secured! Sure you must believe in these verses so that they work best! But actually, even if you are non believer, once you play on these verses especially in the arabic language, demons can no longer stay! Demons are the most hateful creatures for the humans race! They do their best to make human disbelieve in order to share hell together! At first they took Adam and Eve (pbut) from paradise! Now they work hard to make their descendants expelled from heavens again! You dont know how much they hate us (we humans)!!!!!!