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This is more of a question than a story that i would like to get some input on. I don't know if this is just an over active imagination or someplace that i'm actually going. Ever since about the age of 13 i have been going to two places, one is a large cathedral in the middle of a desert with rolling dunes where the sun is help in a fixed position just above the horizon. The other is a long and winding dirt road that goes through a hard wood forest, its always dusk. In the forest is an old dilapidated stone church with the roof missing. I have seen people occasionally in the cathedral in the desert but never on the road through the woods. I can't tell if this is something in my subconscious, day dreaming or actually astral traveling.
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I can relate. I saw myself somewhere and looked up the place on the internet and found out it was a real place, when I told a friend about the dream she said, well, God wants to take you to so many places. She showed me a beautiful picture of yosemite national park, and said, 'these are the kinds of places God wants to take you to' she said 'I just see you flying right over this in the freedom of the Lord' The difference between my experiences and other's are with astral projecting is what is more similar with yours. It's not a slow process of physical feelings, but a sense of freedom and wonder. It was more of an emotionally restoring experience with my God, like He was 'taking me up' somewhere and not like I was having to work hard or like I was inhibited by time and space.

I think there's only way to find out for yourself!! Try projecting, until you successfully have had one for sure. Compare the experiences. See if they seem similar to one another. Its tough to judge another persons experience and say for sure it is or isn't an out of body experience (or at least for me, I've only had a few myself and they've all lacked lucidity and clarity).

Thank you, I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. I can't say that I've had any success with astral projection on my own. If anything its been inadvertent. I am interested in learning how to do it on a regular bases but lack the guidance. If you have any suggestions I'd gladly like to hear them.