My Ode To Sarah Brightman About Astral Travel

Dear Sarah how do you do?
just had to write a poem to you
heard on the radio about your flight
Into space; out of sight

sorry to report it's a waste of cash
at any time to space you can dash
without paying anyone at all
or the use of aviation fuel

I refer to Astral travelling
amazing experience it brings
you can go anywhere you choose
in the multiverse, no cash to loose

better with a quality guide
to fly with you by your side
All you need is some Velspar
and no food for 24 hours

I'v been to the Pleiades, Cirrius too
and to the source of all truth
Iv also been in two black holes
and come back safe dont you know

I'v also seen my entire family
my guardian angel too, made me happy
other angels too i have seen
loads of places I have been

I'v been to all twelve aeons
which is where we all came from
you can do this all too
thats if you both believe and want to

so save your big chunk of cash
come fly with me, you can keep your stash
I'm betting your a starseed anyway
with a fascination for space and alien

your cosmic family will take you up
if you ask you might be in luck
i can find out which planet you are from
which will allow you to move on

just don't pay any deposit at all
this system is in for a massive fall
we are going the same way as atlantis
which was more advanced than any of this

but this is another story
the truth i tell is no jackanory
out of body experiences exist
totally free not costing millions of quid

peace be with you
41-45, M
Dec 5, 2012