Do You Have To "train" In The Astral World?? My Experience:

I have been trying to astral project for about a month and a half now. I've had some cool experiences trying, but have never fully exited before.

Last night at 1:00am I go to bed for the night. I try a new method of projection for the first time, reciting a mantra. I had very little luck. I wake up, and go to my 10:00am class, and am back in my dorm around 11:20am.
11:30am I go to take a nap
12:30pm I woke up, hearing my roommate on a phone call and getting ready for class. I heard the shower go on, then I rolled onto my left side. Soon after I was falling back asleep. I felt my body go numb, then start vibrating, without even trying to project. My ears started ringing, then became overwhelmed with extreme static-like sounds. I heard some strange sounds aside from that, like sounds of water droplets, among other things I can’t fully remember. I felt my body start to almost shift in bed, even though I knew I was completely still. My body literally drifted off my bed, and on to the floor, almost like a leaf, and I was then laying on the floor. I could barely open my eyes, everything I saw was fuzzy and through tunnel vision. Then I tried moving, but here is where I struggled. It felt like all my muscles were just jello, and I couldn't function. I wanted to get away from my body because I heard the closer you are to it, the easier it is to get sucked back in and wake up. I don’t know how I did it, but I simply glided across the floor toward my door, and, still laying down, tried to phase through it. As soon as my head made contact, the static (that was still overwhelming in my ears) increased tenfold, to the point where it was VERY uncomfortable. Beyond this point, I’m pretty confident I slipped into a dream, since I lost control of the events that took place for the most part. The only interesting thing about my dream was that I felt as though I could tune into my body, then transition back to my dream. Every time I tuned into my body, I could still feel the vibrations and hear the static, but I had sleep paralysis. But my question is.. did anyone else have a similar experience, where they had to almost “train” themselves to function in the astral world? Or are my experiences reflecting a dream more-so than a projection? I couldn't fly, and I could barely walk. The other thing that leads me to believe this was more of a dream, is the fact that I can barely remember these events. Well.. I can remember them, they are just foggy, as if I was trying to remember a dream. Another thing to note, is that my "dream" after my "projection," I was very uncomfortable. I was almost scared the whole time, I just didn't feel right, like I was out of my element or something. It was very far from joyous.. And at the end of my dream the only way I could wake myself up was by really REALLY trying.. I didn't want to be in that dream anymore, so I had to scream at the top of my lungs to get myself out. FAR from the pleasant experiences I've heard from projectors all of the internet. Any thoughts anyone!? I'd really like to know if I'm on to something, or if I'm just having crazy dreams because I've been thinking of projecting so much recently.
timala timala
Dec 5, 2012