My First Experiences

It was an accident. I was having a nightmare. As I slept a feeling of the heebie jeebies came over me as my nightmare grew more and more scary. The fear finally caused me to awaken. Once I awoke, I lay there with my eyes still closed, thankful I had awakened and hopeful I could go back to sleep and dream of something more pleasant. I was very relaxed and still in a bit of a stupor. I just barely cracked my eyelids open and noticed that something was amiss. What I saw through my barely-open eyelids was not what I should be seeing. Things were oriented as they should be. I then opened my eyes further and was very surprised to see the ceiling of my room about two feet from my face and then suddenly "shoot away from me." In the next second I was lying in my bed as normal.

Thankfully I knew what it was or I would have been scared out of my mind. I can't imagine going through that and not knowing exactly what was happening. After that experience I was rather excited. I couldn't wait to do it again! I began researching, reading any and every bit of information I could find on the subject. That info, along with thinking back to the circumstances of the event itself, allowed me to put together a plan for how to make it happen again.

After two weeks of meditation practice every night, I was finally able to achieve lift off under my own volition. During my research, I had read that if you think of a person or place you will automatically go to that place or person. I decided to try it. Once I detached from my body, I exited through my feet, gently arching up to where my feet were pointing toward the ceiling at one point. I then gently arched over again to where my feet were on the ground. Not wanting to waste the experience since it was so difficult to achieve, I set to work concentrating my thoughts on this individual from work. After a few seconds of this, I was suddenly traveling at a very high rate of speed. Everything was a big blur. I could only tell when I got to a city or town because the blur would become brighter.

I then suddenly stopped. I had no idea where I was. Then I realized I had chosen the wrong destination because I had never been to this person's house. How was I to know if I had made it to my destination? It was very dark. I couldn't see at all. I was becoming frustrated at my inability to see when an object ahead began to glow softly blue. It became brighter and brighter. I was moving toward it. I had no idea at the time, but apparently the astral body puts off a blue glow.  I didn't realize this until later.  The object wasn't actually illuminating, but my astral body was illuminating it as I approached.  Once I got close enough, I realized it was the window on the side of a building of some sort.  On the other side of the window, I could see some kind of wood as if plywood had been leaned up against the window on the inside.  I, unfortunately, couldn't seem to get inside.  I became bored at that point and went home. 

The next day, I approached the coworker and told them what had been happening to me.  I then told them about my visit the night before and showed them a drawing I had made of the window I saw with the wood visible through the window.  They didn't say a word and walked off.  From that point on, that coworker seemed a little freaked out by me, even though I had known them for quite awhile and trusted them.  I never could get them to confess that was indeed their window, but their reaction was more than enough to let me know I think I had been at their house that night.
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Hi I'm fairly new to projecting and I am trying to establish a plan could u go in to more detail of your 1 week plan please

Awesome experience! I've never had the opportunity to try this out myself (I'm still new at projecting), but I've read in many places that, just like being able to 'will' yourself to a new location by focusing on the destination or person, you can do the same with things like lighting, vision, etc. So when your environment becomes dark to the point where it is tough to see, you can just 'will' the environment to brighten. For example just think "light!!!" really hard. I've been able to do this with my vision when I project. For some reason, every time I've gotten out of my body my vision has started off blurry, and to fix it I just think "clarity!" and presto, I can see. I'm getting better at it too. Even though you didn't say this is an issue for you, just figured I'd share what I knew!