I Do Not Know What To Think

I had my first Astral Projection the other day in which I actually set out to perform it consciously.  However, I am wondering if I don't do this more often and am not sure if I am protecting myself adequately, or if I should try to be more careful.

 I never used to believe in this stuff.  I just thought my dreams were just that, dreams.  Although, I have always believed that your dreams are windows to a hidden message.  I have strong Christian beliefs, so this astral projection stuff has me in a mix of skepticism, fear, and belief.

I have always been gifted with the ability of lucid dreaming.  In recent years, through talking with a friend of mine, I have been able to control my "dreams" more effectively.  However, after my experience the other night, I'm not so sure that I'm always dreaming.  In a majority of my experiences, I am fighting something or someone.  Usually this entity is dark, with no face, and is definitely intent on harming me.  I often best whatever it is, or hold it at bay and then wake up.  When these battles happen, I wake up exhausted.  In these dreams, I am always wearing a sort of armor...black armor, and I have a sword on my back, although I believe it more symbolic, since I always fight these entities hand to hand.  It's kind of like a loose black suit with black lacquered plating.  Not like full armor, but just a few pieces.

 And then one night, I had a very, very vivid experience that has stuck with me.  It really started my whole interest in learning about the astral plane and trying to discern my role.  I was in what I perceived to be a castle with three walls in like a U shale with a large garden in the center.  Along the outer edges of the U, the castle juts out, forming a 3 sided hallway that wraps around the U.  The inside of this hallway is open to the garden with pillars supporting the castle wall, which goes straight up, very high, and is covered in vines.  This place is very old, and as I walk from inside the castle out under the overhang, my gaze is pulled out to the center of this large garden area.  Most of it is flat and grassy, and in the middle I see a tall woman, dressed in a white dress.  She is glowing too brightly for me to make out her face.  I walk along the "hall", looking out to her, and she calls to me, but she doesn't use my actual name, and yet, I know she is talking to me.  The feeling I got was that she was calling me "guardian".

I will come back to this place on occasion, somtimes on demand, but most of the time, the woman is not there.  I do not know who she is or why she was there or why I was brought there, but I felt at peace in her presence.  The garden feels like a safe place while I am there, so I do try and go there often.

Now, that is not the last time I saw her.  A few months ago, I had a dream, where I had a distinct feeling that she brought me to some place.  It was a large pyramid like temple.  As always, I was dressed in my "spiritual armor".  Here, I encountered two beings.  One was an apprentice to the other, and the woman in white wished for me to defeat them...at least that was the feeling I perceived.  The apprentice attacked me, but was no match for me, and so the master stepped in.  The fight with him was fierce.  I remember struggling to keep control of the fight and I remember feeling resistance.  A few times we came into a lock and usually, with a struggle, I bested him.  I managed to throw him off the pyramid, but he survived the fall.  And that was when I woke up.  Exhausted.

The astral projection I tried recently was done with the aid of a self hypnosis CD.  In the exercise, the hypnotist asks you to think of a place you'd really like to visit, which for me is Japan.  I've been told that because I have an obsession with Feudal Japan, I probably lived there in a past life.  But anyway, on with my story.  I tried to think about Japan, but for some reason, when I slipped out, I found myself in a strange apartment where I had never been before.  I remember the details vividly, but other than describing to you the layout of the furniture, I do not believe it is important.

 Now, when I've had similar experiences like that, I have never actually seen myself.  It's like either I forget that part, or I am whisked away to wherever I am wanted, or needed.  I've read that demons can attempt to find or attack you when you are separating, and the more I read, the more concerned I become.  I do believe in demons, and that they are not to be toyed with easily.  But if I am someone who fights them on the astral plane, should I be worried?  Should I do something to protect myself other than making with the white light and praying to God?  Who is this woman and should I trust her?  So many questions and yet the answers are so few.

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I think those demons are purely made up in your mind. You are a Christian so you probably believe in the devil, demons, etc. I've read about hallucinations that occur when you leave your physical body or when you are returning. People see all sorts of things. I wouldn't fear anything happening to you, physically. I don't know if god exists, but if he did, i don't think he would allow demons to exist and do harm to us. It's such a relief for me not to worry about that kind of stuff anymore. Go in with a positive mindset. Everyone comes back safe and you will too

I think you should trust the woman in white but thats my opinion if she has light around her then she's not something dark.

i also get those dark faceless figures from time to time.... somehow i learnt not to fight them anymore.... for when i start fearing... they appear... try not to fear it.. instead let them be and knw that god is on our side... the try to scare u.. the more u get scared the more they will get to u... n wat were u talking about earlier about the self hypnosis CD? becuz i got a similar dream to something like that...

From what I have read and understand, a demon cannot possess your body even while you are projecting unless you allow them to. Even so, even the thought of them around gives me the willies. I read you can drive them off by spinkling salt in the corners of every room in your house. Praying and making sure you surround yourself with white light are all supposed to protect you, but, since I project without trying to, I worry something could happen.