Fantasies Can Become reality

For years I've fantasized about watching my wife getting f-----d by a well endowed male. Who the well-hung lad was to be didn't matter. What my interest was and is still two fold 1)To have her experience a serious filling of her puss (something I can not fully do) and 2) to quench my lusting sexual fantasy by watching and hopefully participating. Early on my wife Elaine was only amused by my fantasy and not interested. Her sexual intensity was abetted by job and children rearing....mine only festered albeit latently. Time passed....actually decades and children grew and married....job strain was reduced and her sexual interest much so that old play toys were resurrected and brought to bed. She discovered my computer cookies and I swear my ***** sites were visited by the both of us. Upon retiring to the bedroom I'd be rewarded with oral sex and when I reached to fondle her p__s ... I'd discover she was soaking wet...just like how it was in the beginning .I sensed Elaine was mentally ready to expand her pleasure universe. I convinced her that her p__s was meant for more than urination...pleasuring herself was what it should be ALL about. She bought it..hook line and sinker!

Now here's where it gets interesting. Good friends of ours...Ted and Jeannie would join Elaine and I on Friday evenings for dinner out....celebrating end of work week. This started back in early 80's and continued for years. They were our regular best friends...sometimes in summer we'd cookout at either their house or ours...spent several vacations together over the years with their kids and ours...fabulous times. Well trajedy struck in'97...Jeannie was driving home and a truck lost control, crossed median and ploughed into her car...killing her on contact. Sad day...but not to dwell on this...Ted was devastated as one expected...took years to mostly get readjusted. Now Ted and I were and are best friends...played tennis ,racketball at club and I would kid him about his monsterous c__k when we showered in the communal shower at the Club....he'd lather it up and stroke-wash that baby and only smile as he made sure I caught his smirking glance at my little ******. After exercising and during the shower my d__k would stick out about 2 inches and Ted's atleast 6 inches. So I've known Ted is one well hung brother. Well at this point I must inject that at times Ted and I would share BS..." man talk " about each others wives...Ted's wife was attractive...but way too assertive for me...nice shapely bod....and Ted confessed that anytime I want to loan out Elaine he'd be happy to have her. He's had an eye for her a__ from day-ONE . Nothing ever came of I said just BS talk. Well after the accident...years after the accident..Ted and I would golf together on Saturdays and I'd invite him over to the house to take a shower and drink a few beers and throw
(3) steaks on the grill...afterwards to set around the pool(we have a small indoor pool) and BS. This is how it started 2.5 years ago. After a day of golf,and before dinner....I suggested we hit the newly installed hot tube and chill. Ted replied great idea...but didn't have his suite...sure you do..its called your "birthday suite". And so it was...Ted and I hot tubbin nude and Elaine running us cold Negra Modellos.
After our 3rd bottle we both had to excuse our selves to go pee and as Ted was exiting the hot tub Elaine arrived with our 4th bottle of beer. She couldn't help staring at Ted's soft 6 inch manhood and blushing. Ted was pretty cool about it and we exited to take a leak. We got back in to the tub and finished our last beer before dinner.
We hit the pool to cool off and dried off...Elaine returned with 2 of my terri-cloth wrap arounds and this time managed NOT to look at Ted's d__k. Had a great steak/salad and pie for desert pool-side and sat the rest of the evening till about 9:00 when we all decided to take a few laps and call it a night. I encouraged Elaine privately that as an adult here we would not be offended by her skinny dipping with us...I know I wouldn't as I was proud of her aged body still looking buff and I'd probabally have to reel in Teds tongue once he laid sight of her t_tt__s. Now I'm not sure which assest Elaine has that is of higher quality...her t_ts?her a_s? or her rather large p___y labia..I love'm all .Oh..I forgot very tight p__y..even after 4 children...last delivery the Doc said he was going to do me a big favor by sewing her up tight .He wasn't kidding..Elaine can put a death grip on a pencil. Well...there we were (3) adults naked as Jay-Birds in our pool splashing around like youngsters. I can't tell you how much Ted enjoyed himself...he could NOT take his admiring eyes off Elaine attributes and when he got a good glimpse of her shaved smooth p___y he actually pulled a "rod"...9 inches of magnifisense...which did not go unnoticed! BTW...Teds c__k was half circ___ized...he's partially cloaked when soft... a third of the glan-head peeks out. Elaine was fascinated with Teds equipment...its all she could talk about in bed latter that night, even as she f__ked my brains out.

The ground work for the realization of my fantasy was now in play.


To be continued
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Love to help you out with Elaine should Ted not work out............well, hell, even if TED workedout, still would enjoy ******* here with my huge ****, feeling that tight *****!


Well..daUH !! Yes I'm sure you'd enjoy the ride and I know Elaine would too. Thanks for reading my fantasy dream come true.