Aunty X Diaper Treatment.

One time I stayed with my aunty and her 3 step daughter.sarah,michelle and janet.they were so happy that I was going to stay for the mum got me ready and put on me my usual 12 drove me to my aunties.I was a bit nervous of her step daughters because they were naughty and quite sexual towards me and my diapers.I was 14 years old still hadn't hit puberty.I was a late developer.once at my aunties house I was greated by my aunt and her 3 step daughers who were aged 11 and 12 years. 2 mom left and my aunt made me some fruit juice and a ham sandwhich.once I has finished eating the girls wanted to take me to their basement which was converted to a baby room.everything was adult aunt said ok girls you can have your fun with him.I though what do they have planned for I went downstairs to my new bedroom in the basement.what I saw was tons os cloth diapers,plastic pants,baby powder and baby cream.there were vibrating sex toys.I was in shock.I was told to lie down on the floor I had my sweat pants taken off and my plastic pants and diapers taken off.I was given a good wash and came my 1st sexual experience.all 3 girls took turns ************ me and using a vibrater up my butt.then giving me oral sex.after they were done.they got my clean diapers ready.all the girls carrd armloads of diapers ant them at the side of me.then 10 diapers put under my butt then they put gallons of baby powder on me.then my diapers were pinned on me.then they put the rest of the diapers on me untill no more could fit on me.then the biggest pair of plastic pants I have ever seen were put on me.I couldn't believe I was wearing 50 cloth aunty came down to the basement to see if we were all ok.the girls said yes they were fine.I didn't say a aunty said that the girls had done a good job on my diapering.they they all left the basement on my own.then came bach with more diapers and plastic aunt carrid me to my large size crib.then pull off my plastic pants and started adding more and more diapers on top of the diapers I was wearing.I qas told it would be 36 hours before my next diaper change.the 3 girls helped their stepmom with my diapers.they were adding diaper after diaper.then stopped at the 150th and final diaper.then 16 pairs of the biggest plastic pants I have ever worn.I juat l8ed there till the next morning then I was carried by my arms and legs upstairs to the living room where I was put on display for my aunties and her step daughters friends to aunt said here is the pissy spastic nephew of mine.some were taking polaroid pics of me and playing and rubbing my diapers.once the weekend had finished.I went back home to my mom I was happy to be home.
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Jul 5, 2013