People Better Than Me

I dont know why for some reason at the moment i am comparing myself with everyone and thinking they are much better than me, more successful than me, write better than me, express themselves better than me, are more confident than me. this is an awful feeling that has gripped me just recently and i would like to stop it once and for all! Where do all these insecurities come from?? childhood maybe. I am quite a deep feeling person whos introverted and has a real problem getting out what i feel. I really dont want to put people above me. I guess i just need somewhere i can express how i feel with no judgment and see if anyone else has feelings the same. 

I have a friend who lives down the road and for some reason im always thinking that she is better than me, the thing is she portrays that she is better than everyone else and i dont want to get pulled into to competing with her.

I am a cleaner in a primary school and so this job also does not make me feel like im anything special, i feel like im bottom of the pile. Does anyone else feel this way?? some feed back would be great.

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ooooo!! trouble shooter, that is a good that i need to ponder on...hmmmm.......will be back after pondering......

Thank you everyone for your truthful and positive replies, these are a great help to me and have given me some courage and strength to carry on. I hope that anyone else who may read this that is also going through some negative emotions will have something to gain by reading this.

I can't say that I feel that way, but I might be able to offer some advice...<br />
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My life is pretty much a mess right now, dead-end job, going through a divorce, just lost my house and car... you name it.<br />
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What keeps me going every day is the fact that I'm working hard to insure that my life and my children's lives get better. I'm not in a good place right now, but am I determined not to stay here for long. I am enrolled in school again, and starting next month which will have me in school from 8am to 1pm, and at work from 1:30-10pm. The way I see it, that won't leave me much time to sit around feeling sorry for myself. :)<br />
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I want to be someone that my kids can be proud of, and I'm working hard to get there, so, no I really don't feel like everyone is better than me, but then, I give a lot of credit for effort (including my own, lol).<br />
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If you aren't happy with your life, or the person that you are, you really ARE the only person that can make changes. Instead of broad generalizations, try to identify specific things that you aren't happy with the could be improved upon and then make some reachable goals. You will probably feel a lot better with a plan in place. :)<br />
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Good luck to you in all that you endeavor to do! :)

I don't know if you've ever read a writing titled "desiderata", but contained in it is this small pearl: "... do not compare yourself with others, for you will become vain and bitter. for always there will be greater and lesser persons that yourself."

yep! i realise i am the only one that can make myself feel better thats why i joined on here just so that i could get my thoughts out, releasing and sharing is one of the best ways for me. Thank you for your advise, i do beleive in the law of attraction and it was a good reminder from you much appreciated :) I recently moved from a town that i practicutly grew up in for the last 30 years into a new little village, so im slightly out of my comfort zone and having to make new friends. My new focus will be to say some positive affirmations to myself, and perhaps some self belief will go a long way.