I Would Always Take The Spanking . I Never Liked Grounging .

i was smacked on my bare bottom from when i was very young by my mum and my extended family if i Deserved it . as i got older the punishments got much harder . i would say don.t Ground me please i will take A Spanking . its over after the spanking . Grounding lasted to long . Sometimes i got more than just my bare bottom smacked hard . i grew up in the 1950s into the 1960s when Smacking youngsters was Legal . and the Cane was used in all Schools back then . i had A Very Strict Mum and my extended family were also Strict with me . in my teens if i was Disruptive or Missbehaving i got my bare bottom Smacked hard with a thick leather strap .
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I was never given a choice. It was always spanking, which was good because a spanking would last but a few minutes, whereas a grounding would last days and I was one to be out a lot and always enjoyed being with friends. I was always small for my age so spanking was easier on my parents, who would find it easy to place me over their knee up through my early teens. I was not grounded unto my mid teens. I was a pretty good kid so was grounded only a few times.

My dad spanked me often. He would pull down my pants and let me have it anywhere, anytime if I mouthed off.

Me, too! but in my case, I don't know how successful I would ever be grounding a teenage son; daughters are bad enough....

once twice my paretns grounded me after that it wasspanking all the time<br />
if they were thinking of grounding me i tell them i want spanking instead<br />
now mind you my spankigns were not just hand spanking over knees i got it good even in my late teens years mom stil bare my bottom looking at me like seen it before nothing much to wor yabout ijsut want your bottom so dont cover up

your Mum has my Respect NaughtyMan .

yes mom dad used spanking all the time tilli moved out late teens about my spanks were harsh an painfl but it worked for me grounding is waste of time an now used to used spanking on my daughters tll they moved out

Grounding never worked .

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