How I Started

I first tried on my sisters' dress at age 6 and loved how it made me feel. I have continued to cross dress ever since but only in private, my ex was disgusted when I told her and never wanted to see me dressed.  Six months ago I finally accepted myself as transgender and have been living as a woman full time ever since.  I have never been happier
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I love to dress it started when I was5 by accident i was with my mother and auntie going to the shops weather turned really cold and me a little boy only wearing a t shirt when we stop to get out of car my mother looked at me and said your going to be cold and the next thing I know my auntie gets my cousins pink cardigan from the back seat and puts it on me and buttoned it all the way up to the neck i had to wear it for half the day in public when we got home i was hoping they would forget to take it off.I've dressed ever since but only in private haven't got the courage to go out .


That is a great question, what age is it easier? While it deepens on the boy, for me while I was unable to walk and that was before two. My dad and mom would tease my brother and I with a pair of rumba panties made of satin. I would fold my little legs under me hoping they would not make us wear them. I don't cross dress for I been forced one to many times as a young boy by female cousins and having to wear pink panties after messing my pants from getting sick. Welcome to my circle and have fun

I enjoy being female so much I live as one full time. If I were much younger I would have SRS

Good on you and my your journey to a brighter happier you be filled with total awesome everlasting moments.

Thank you so much

Congrats to you, pinkswagon. Self acceptance is the first step toward self discovery.

I totally agree

Good for you..Thanks for sharing...

Thank you girlfriend, I am very happy now