Why Have Green Eggs and Ham When You Have These!?

So, I've had this mystery illness for a few monthes now. Granted my health started going downhill after I got Mono last year. (Which took FOREVER to get over) Well, in october I started having these really bizarre vomiting spells. At first it wasn't to bad, and the doctor gave me some antibiotics for the flu, no big deal. Well those didn't work, so he gave me something else....than something else...and so on. Well the Saturday after Thanksgiving is when things got really bad. I started having these wicked stomach cramps and I got really really nauseous. Suddenly I started puking and I couldn't stop. So the parents decided to drive me to the hospital (clearly I was in no state to drive there myself), I got checked in and I ended up being there for about 4 days. Throughout those four days I had numerous tests (most which required me to eat or drink something, which is ironic because I was puking more than Linda Blair puked Pea Soup in the Exorcist). I had  CAT scan, a colonoscopy, an Endoscopy, a small bowel movement followthrough, another ultra sound, some radioactive thing that checked out my gall bladder and numerous blood tests (thank goodness I'm okay with needles). Well all the tests came back relatively normal, but I was still puking and feeling god awful. I ended up losing 10-15 lbs and the puking and stomach cramping didn't stop for a good while, than it was okay for a few weeks, and than it came back, and than it went away, and than it came back. Since the doctors couldn't figure it out, I decided to do some research on my own and I discovered "Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome", which was remarkably similar to my own symptoms, however a week or 2 ago, the doctor shot down that idea. So now, I'm back to square one. I've had more tests, including 2 more ultrasounds, a CCK (The gall bladder contracting one) and I ate a radioactive egg today (a four hour test!). Atleast they moved on from my gall bladder. Currently, they think it mgiht be some obscure virus that could take up to a year or 2 to get out of my system. So for now, all I can do is wait and become an unintentional bulimic. I must admit, the radioactive egg didn't taste too bad =P, and it was the only thing I've kept down in the past three days! Any ideas on this mystery sickness?

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Mona: The Radioactive egg was so they could trace it, to see how it digested<br />
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Bubbles: Yeah I've seen about 4, hopefully one of them will get it right -.-

Bloody hell stuff that I would be going to see another doctor to make sure the doctor is doing all the right stuff, I know with my illness I saw 5 doctors over 12 years before they picked up what was wrong with me, never rule out your own research, I hope they find out what’s wrong and soon

I believe someone didn't read you story first. Not completely xD Anyways; WHAT?? :O Radioactive? :O For real? Whyyy? o_O I can't see what good that would do you. <br />
You okay, darling?

When I said I ate radioactive eggs, I was serious ha. It was a test that they ran. They put an isotope in an egg and tracked it. But I feel your pain about the random sickness and doctors not figuring anything out, I guess we just have to keep waiting. Good luck to you!

you would think that doctors could figure things out becuase we pay them a god awful lot of money...<br />
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I have something like that I got mono and i have been sick ever since (its been like 6 months now). i have black outs while driving, i can't remember anything, i'm tired all the time (not mono tired), I bruise easier than I normally do and i have anemia, my hair is falling out, this is stupid. anyways they ran amillion tests coming back relatively normal... or normal enough... my doctor is just like i'm not sure what to do with you. <br />
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maybe you and i really did eat radio active eggs...