Not Worth the Wait Or the Neighborhood

A group of 3 of us tried out Dotties on Sunday February 11th, 2007. Universally, we were disappointed.

First of all, this is in the heart of the Tenderloin. Not fun to both find parking or walk around here. It's not threatening, particularly by day, but it's just dirty and overcrowded.

Beyond that, there was an insane line. We waited at least 45 minutes. The place is *tiny*. Can't be more than 8 tables that can seat 30 people max. Then they burden one waiter with the entire restaurant. Service was slow, but what can be expected? Not the guys fault-- just too few hands to service too many mouths.

Finally in the non-food department, there were two hairs in my napkin, and they weren't mine. But I can get over that.  City restaurants, especially the good ones, especially the bathrooms, are often dirty. Whatever.

I can overlook all this except the food was just blah. It wasn't crap, but it wasn't interesting either. I got the eggs/pancakes/fruit/fruit juice combo for about $11. A good amount of food, but my pancakes were too sweet, and undercooked (Blah!). They use real maple syrup, so a plus for that. To their credit, my over easy eggs were perfection.

My eating compatriots got the usual eggs/bacon/potatos and so on. No one was impressed. We're not coming back here.

My bottomline review of Dotties brunch in the Tenderloin of San Francisco-- not worth it. Not worth the wait, the over-worked service, the dirty location and interior. Standard IHOP'ish fare.

You heard it here.
foodiesf foodiesf
26-30, M
Feb 11, 2007