Phenomenal Place to Treat Yourself

I first went to PaulK two years ago for my birthday party. We had a large group and short notice-- and they sat us promptly (and didn't do that ridiculously aggravating thing where they make you stand in the waiting area until every LAST person in your group is there-- listen simple majority is enough, restaurants of the world). The food was OK to good.

I returned last night, February 10th 2007 for a dinner after a long and successful week. Right off the bat, we ran into some troubles because there is simply no restaurant parking-- no valet, no lot, and the street is hopeless around there. There are a number of lots nearby, but man they are shady. The kind where even though there's an electronic ticket booth, it's always 'broken' and some random guy-- who could truly be anyone, employed at the lot or not-- comes up and takes your money and hands you nothing in return.

Neveryoumind, back to the restaurant. PaulK is small and always crowded. There is no room for waiting-- you're either seated or lording over some table. They took our jackets (classy, it was raining!) and sat us right away (I had reservations).

Our waiter was hilarious-- and I still can't figure out if it was intentional or not. He just exaggerated every word and did a lot of gesturing. However, he was extremely savvy about the menu, so I think it was just a part of his act to be so damn entertaining.

Our group got scallops to start-- delicious if you like scallops. Melted in your mouth kind of thing. For the entree, I had sea bass and others had char, a fish no one had ever heard of but turned out to be really great (and thanks again to the aforementioned waiter for not only patiently explaining the story behind the fish, but actually demonstrating how it swims. Yes.). Both were excellent-- the char over some old-world grains, the sea bass over risotto.

Excellent service, great food, tough to park location, prices reasonable.

My verdict for PaulK in San Francisco? Go there. You'll enjoy it, highly.

You heard it here.
foodiesf foodiesf
26-30, M
Feb 11, 2007