My Group Dined On Saturday, August 4th, 2007.

I ate at Toby Keith's 'I Love This Bar and Grill' in the Bricktown area of Oklahoma City yesterday with a small group of friends.  We looked forward to a fun experience but were sorely disappointed.

We knew the prices were moderate because of the location in the Bricktown area so not too much sticker shock.  The shock came later.

We received our orders promptly and started to enjoy our respective meals.  One of our group ordered the prime rib which is priced by the ounce.  It was tough and gristly and a good portion of the weight was fat and not what one would expect for the price. 

Another person ordered a10 ounce steak and when it was brought to the table it looked under 8 ounces.  He also asked for another piece of corn bread (the one he had was a small 2" X 3" square).  He was informed that they would not get him another piece of cornbread unless he paid for an entire basket of cornbread.  At this point he decided to ask to speak to a manager.  The manager came to the table and heard his complaint but no apology was rendered.  Instead the manager made excuse after excuse after excuse for the prices and policies of the restaurant.  Once the manager left our table we were given no more refills on drinks and were pretty much left to rot.

I won't be recommending 'Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill" to anyone because of the behavior of that manager. 

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2 Responses Aug 5, 2007

Is that an invitation odie?

wow...small world....was in Bricktown just the other night...hahaha