Ferris Wheel

To me, cotton candy goes hand-in-hand with carnivals. I've never much cared for cotton candy, so my friends (the sugar addicts) are usually the ones who carry around the big bags of blue and pink fluffy sugar. I've also never much cared for ferris wheels. Actually, they scare me. I don't know why, since I can go on a roller coaster without a second thought. My biggest cotton candy memory was when I was at a carnival with a friend in ninth grade. My friend had this huge bag of blue cotton candy, and wanted to go on the ferris wheel. I refused at first, but he finally pestered me enough that I went anyway. Once it was our turn to get in a cart (is that what they're called..?) the ferris wheel operator told us that we weren't allowed to take the cotton candy with us, but he refused to let us leave it with him, so he said to take it with us and just not eat it. Well, having a bag of cotton candy was too tempting for my friend, and of course he started eating it anyway. Then he realized that the guy would notice if we went on the ride with a full bag of cotton candy and came off with an almost empty one, so he decided we should eat it all then hide the bag so maybe the guy would forget we had it to start with. My friend's solution to eating this giant cotton candy bag in less than ten minutes was to have me eat some, too, even though I hated it. So whenever I complained that I didn't like the ferris wheel, he'd shove cotton candy in my mouth. Therefore, the cotton candy bag got emptied pretty fast. And the ferris wheel guy never said anything. 

LiquidNight LiquidNight
18-21, F
Aug 14, 2007