The Cat That Got The Cream

When I first hinted to my wife that I wanted to lick my *** from her ***** she thought I was sick or joking and made it plain she was not interested in partaking in such a thing. Generally in our love making it is always my wife that **** before I do, with me quite often not coming at all. So I hatched a plan. One Saturday night whilst watching tv my wife suggested an early night , so I said "fine you go on up and I'll lock up and be up in a short while". I then quickly opened my laptop and started wanking to some tranny ****. After about five mins I wanked myself nearly to the point of ****** then quickly went upstairs to find my wife waiting in bed for a bit of fun. After some kissing and foreplay I went into the toilet and once again furiously wanked myself to the point of ******* then went back in the bedroom and within about a minute of entering my wife I exploded twelve days worth of *** right in her fleshy mound much to her amazement and disappointment. This was my chance, I apologised and offered to finish her off fingering her **** and kissing first her breasts and then her tummy and then my goal, her ***** sodden *****. I licked away at that gorgeous ***** all the time fantasising it was the remains of a full on gang bang my wife had earlier taken part in.
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Wow great story. I have always wanted a fresh cream pie. I am going to try your plan wish me luck.

Mmmm ! sounds nice ! thanks for sharing ! :-)_

Your a lucky guy, my wife won't let me do that. even if i tricked her she would be disgusted by the thought.

Good story!

My GF and I talked about it but we have tried it yet.

Maybe soon though

Yummy :)

Cream pie tastes wonderful, mine or others !

When we were living together, my last ex was still putting out to anyone (and everyone) while I was at work and she thought I didn't know. She would try to fend me off when I was about to lick her but I'd persist and she had no choice but to let me taste that *** she'd gotten earlier. I never told her it tasted funny or let on that I knew. She would get ****-faced drunk and I would wear her panties or whatever I wanted while I licked her ***** and shot all over her.

that's some great determination and planning, have you been able to repeat it on her

Yeah I've done it a few times. My wife is a strange one, she goes from **** to prude all the time.

Didn't repeat it on my ex but I do think of her occasionally when I jerk off. She was a first class ****. Wherever she is, you can bet someone is eating *** out of her ***** - probably tonight.
Wife just had that "female operation". Until she did, she was fertile and we had to be very careful. Looking forward to eating a ******** from her

very hot story

great way to have fun

I always want to do this but once I come I always chicken out

Good girl ! Such a tricky little minx. I hope your lady learns to enjoy you eating *** from her *****. Its great for both of you.

Great idea when wife is reluctant and think it is gross.

Very exciting - my woman is keen on feeding me my *****.
We plan to start on a load on her breasts and me tonguing up as much as possible. Eventually working up to cleaning out her ***** after a load.
Some weekends I give her a nice ******* and deposit my ***** inside her. Then within the hour I **** her again with the nicest, slippery feeling. She likes the double load and having a well used ***** appreciated by her guy.

So after you brought her to her mind blowing ******, was she more open to your desires?

that is so hot... you lucky girl you

I have Always ate my wife's ***** after i shot my load of *** in her, she loves it!

I tired it with my wife several times. She'd pull away and say, "Euch -- how can you do that?" She hated oral sex.

My women and I talked about it before but never done it yet.

Hmmmmm I think we'll have to try it!

sounds like a nice desert