My First Taste

The first time I ate a Cream Pie was a night that spun out of control! My girlfriend and I had 4 male friends over to do some work at our new place. One thing led to another and all 5 of us ****** and came in her. I always have tried to eat her after I have filled her with ***, but have always chickened out! She asked if I wanted to sample the five flavors that were filling her. I did not hesitate! I just got down and stuck my tong as deep in her ***** as it could go. Then I cleaned the *** from her ***** hair, and for the final treat she sat on my face and let all of the *** run right into my mouth. The taste was better than I imagined! Now I clean up whoever I am with no matter how many loads she has taken!
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I wish my wife would let me go down on her after *******. I tried one time, and she jumped straight up out of the bed lol.


Nothing hotter! I'll bet you are looking forward to the next "encounter!" Can't imagine how tasty five flavors must be.