Pie For Dessert

I had this girlfriend once, she was 19 and i was about 30 at the time. I would do her and then go down on her. The mix of flavors was incredible.  Five minutes  of that  and i was hard all over again.  She loved it , she was able to *** over and over again. something everyone should try.
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Love the taste of wifes ***** juices and another mans ***

Nothing wrong with giving her a quivering ******.

not interested in someone else's *** or being with my wife. Just want to *** in her and on her and lick her to a quivering ******! I really enjoy doing that!

I used to have a lover who had another that filled her ****** full just before a few of the occasions we met to have sex. I didn't realize it at first but upon licking that drenched ***** which would then begin to ooze fresh gobs of honey like *** in my mouth was incredibly hot. Gets me horny just thinking about it and wanting to do it again right now.

I think the very essence of both parties mixed in the ***** makes for a most desirable meal, and do make her *** before you slide in for another ride as she will be most appreciable!

I totally understand! I love the mixed juices and then make me hard just thinking about it!

i love ********, no matters it is, or who filled it!!<br />
ummm great! now i am hungry!!!!!

******** from others is amazing!

mrstevela, WOW couldn't have said it better myself. I firmly belive in eating my ******* instead of ******* my eating. Feel sorry for those folks that have not given in due to some hangup.

That' the great thing about cream pie. If you lick it slowly, and give your wife good head in the process, another hard-on almost always comes around. If it's a ********* with another male, you can keep going most of the night that way. The challenge is that once you taste another man in her, you'll want to mount her immediately, and that always means a fast ***. You have to resist that urge until you bring your wife to ****** with your tongue, then she'll want you to mount her, or watch her lover mount her, and on and on all night. Your nuts will ache, but it's a good ache!

hubby loves to eat at the y after my lover is done

mm mm good pie.

its a turn on for me too. I want it after someone else made a deposit