"Forced" To Eat A Cream Pie

Once (how sad that is, only once) I ate a cream pie. Many years ago my wife and I played bondage games. One time, when it was her turn to be dominant she tied me to the bed face up and rode my ****. As I got harder and harder she kept warning me not to *** until after she had come. Of course this made it even more difficult to not ***. Try as much as possible I could not avoid it. I finally came in her tight, wet *****. She kept pumping until I was drained. Then she said I had to eat her ***** until she came. She crawled up until she could put her ***** down on my mouth. She ordered me to clean it out and then lick her ****. It was heaven. I put my tongue deep inside her ***** and licked and swallowed until I had it all; then I worked on her **** until she came.  Again, I have to say, it was heaven.

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Wow i love satin panties so much i always try to get my girlfriends into them but i dont think they realise how much it turns me on. Everytime they move in them i get so horny i just imagine whats behind them and hope for a sniff while there in the hamper.. i got a dream girl once in my life we went shopping she bought all kinds of satin panties i would love when she came home from collage i couldnt wait to dive between her legs and smell her aroma through the panties i even talked her into wearing a special pink pair for three days even after we had sex twice and she had been to collage the were amazing i didn take them off just pulled them aside after i *** she told me to clean her which i kind of wanted to but we had never talked about it was so full and she came. from then she would leave the satin panties she wore day before and slept in for me to sniff or more throw them at me as she left for collage and EVERY time i came during sex she would move up over my face and i would clean till she came.. but of course she left me kicked me out for a real man i suppose.. i dont think i will ever find a girl like that again but my love for satin still goes on i am writing this wearing a pair of my favorite red satin panties

I hope you find another one like her

Goodness Gracious, it was!

Ah, you don't know me. I'm not that good at all, troubled is more like it, kinky, selfish, yes, I'm just a dirty old man. But thank you anyway.

True, although I'm not sure how vocal I was at the time and how much of how I feel is a result of looking back and reflecting. I still talk with that wife, now ex-wife, and she does not look back fondly on those days of BDSM and kinkiness.<br />
I gave her a "pearl necklace" once then licked it off her chest. That, I know, she did not like. She wanted me to come in her mouth so she could swallow.

You told her how thrilling it was and there was no repeat?