I use to LOVE the taste of matches.  I use to steal my parents (they were smokers) and hide behind the recliner and suck on them til all the matches were gone, then I'd chew on the little sticks to get the rest of the flavor out.  The doctor said it was okay, I apparently just needed more sulfur in my diet.

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Wow... so I'm not the only one! I ate the red ends of matches as a child and loved the taste. I now know this to be red phosphorous. I often fathom as to what kind of damage I've sustained from doing so.

Oh my god, I have not heard of anyone else ever doing that! I always thought I was crazy or something. Haha, it's nice to know that I am not alone. I don't do it anymore, though. Although, I wonder if it would still taste good...

This was an interesting read. <br />
Your body must have been craving certain things/vitamins maybe.<br />
I have heard of this before!

I never burned them down like that. Ew sounds worse than the part I was sucking on lol!

i ate matches too, i used to burn them down til i couldnt hold it anymore.. then eat the chalky coal. ohh yuck.

Never ate glue, but I never liked sauces and I guess glue could be construded as a sauce.

hahaha, I bet that pissed off your parents when they went to use one.

hey,me too! I used to suck the matches,and put the box full of used matches at their place...