Basketball Bullies

So I was at lifetime fitness center playing basketball when i was asked to join several games. The first 2 where alright until the third one. I was winning
10 - 6 and he left to play with another boy since he was losing. We got into an arguement i told him he sucks a$$ and such n such . We were finished when the other kid wanted to play and was saying to shut the **** up and stop argueing . I practiced basketbll for anoother 30 mins when my sister came to pick me up. The b*tch said "is that ur mom asian sh*t." I was pi$$sed cause he been calling me asian sh*t ever since, so i threw my ball at him and his opponent mustve thught i threw it at him so they started playing keep away but outran them but soon there were three guys involved. The third dude finally gave me the ball cause he said "i feel sorry for him he looks so tired. He doesnt know this has happened to me before by three taller teens.I feel worse cause he goes to my school, i have day dreams of beating the crap out of him. He used to be my friend but know he just annoys me and tries to make fun of me.Im not extremely popular at my school neither he kinda is. We are both trying out for the basketball team at my school.The other  kids go to a different school but im now whn i go to lifetime im afraid they will be there.
basketballforlife basketballforlife
18-21, M
Sep 7, 2012