Too Much Pressure

I've been an athiest since i was about 7 years old,my grandparents are extreme christians, they actually run a church and would probably dis-own me if they found out, at school i feel a lot of pressure to be a christian or muslim and am constantly told i'm going to 'burn in hell' , i find religions like hinduism are a lot more accepting of athiesm, It's a shame people think all athiests are extremists that hate jesus, personally i don't care what you believe, just don't pressure me into it aswell,
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3 Responses May 6, 2012

that sucks

Its the same with me at my school actually. People come up to me and preach to me and such and it really annoys me. I know how christianity works and I dont agree with it. Theres alot of pressure though I have some conservative friends and some really extreme athiest freinds. Im not extreme I dont even consider myself athiest I think of myself as agnostic I mean who am I to say THERE IS NO GOD to some one all I can say is I dont think there is and there probly isnt but I cant really prove it.

My friend, has anyone ever explained the gospel to you though? Forget extreme christians vs non extreme christians.....if you don't know why Jesus is important my friend you won't understand what's going on around you....would you be kind enough to allow me to share the gospel with you so that you can atleast know it properly?

i know exactly who 'jesus' was thank you very much, i don't need somebody to shove knowlege about a religion i am 100% certain i do not follow says, i know enough to say i cannot justify anything that anybody who belives in god thinks, and as my lats sentence says, i dont care what you belive stop rammign it down my throat like your doing now.