Forgotten Something?

I was sat in my science lesson, we were doing a lesson on evolution and, being the only athiest in my class, i was quite confident and fast at the work, i didn't mind at all and like hearing about my opinions being backed by fact but what apauled me was that when my tacher said 'who is charles Darwin' or 'who first proposed natural selection' the onyl answer my teacher got was 'whos that?' it's absolutely DISGRACEFUL there is no reason not to know who is he, especially being one of the fundamental bricks of our knowlege of plants and animals today, i always detested R.E on the premise that i was forced to learn about christitanity, muslims Ect (although to be honest they were the only two we ever studied for more than 5 minutes) when clearly not all aspects of belief (such as athiesm, buddism ect) isn't being covered, so how can you tell me i have a biast opinion on religion? when you yourself, mock me and say i'm going to hell, call me a satanist (which is all against religion as it's a sin)when you yourself, do not know what it is i believe?
NeonFart NeonFart
13-15, F
May 8, 2012