Ultimate Rewind

I've done this since I was a child.  In fact there are songs from the 60s and 70s that are attached to specific places in my childhood.

Lately, though, I've been playing all the songs on my Nano and iTouch and whoa! - talk about unnerving.  I tend to change my music from time to time, completely discarding some and getting into a totally different set.  Whatever is happening in my life at the time is what influences what I'm listening too.  So naturally, songs become associated with specific people and specific events.

So today, as I sit here at my desk at work, my thoughts are being transported back to last summer, to the events of this fall, and to the events of the last few weeks.  It's been a complete mixture of emotions and events.  Some really high highs and some scary lows.  Drunken nights and one 6-hour no-holds-barred crying jag. 

I guess it's good and bad, but even the bad times need to be occasionally reflected on.  Maybe it's the writer in me that likes to have those feelings evoked again.  That likes to raise those demons up again so I can talk to them.  After all, I am a product of those events and relationships.  There is something magical about being able to feel the warm night air on my skin again.  To see those stars in my mind.  To remember those burning tears. To taste the tequila.  To remember the cold and the fear and the excitement of the possibilities.  To remember the feelings of joy, and loneliness, and confusion. 

And it's all neatly contained in this little electronic device.  Who says you can't time travel? 

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

Well said, Sahira. <br />
I trust that you have noticed the amazing power that the sense of smell has to carry one to a place and time long forgotten. <br />
Simply walking into my local post office (something I rarely do) carries me instantly to flashes of emotion from three years ago. The place has a unique scent to it, and each time I catch a whiff of it, I also get a slight taste of emotions long passed.<br />
<br />
Best wishes for future memories of triumph and joy, and the music to match.