Dedicated To All Those With A Broken Heart

Since my recent break up left me with a broken heart, and great mistrust of any romantic relationship for the future, I came across the science of Attachment  Theory in Adults. The more I read, the more everything began to make sense. I could relate to the principles of Attachment Theory, and began to understand what went wrong in my own relationships...mainly my extremely unhappy marriage of 21-years, and a more recent love lost. 
I found a lot of information on the internet, and then came across the book, "Attachment," by Levine and Heller. I do believe that if we arm ourselves with the knowledge of attachment theory in adults, not only will it help us avoid heartbreak in future relationships, but help explain why our current relationship is causing us so much pain, and what we can do about it. 
The best way to learn about this is read for yourself, but with this group, I will post quotes and excerpts from the book to give a taste of the content. You will also find some good information on Attachment Theory on and a great deal of information about why our partners lie, and how we can respond and deal with this. 
If you are suffering from heartache, as I am right now, or if you want to know how you may avoid it in the future, I hope you will read about this theory, and gain some insight, and benefit from it's knowledge.

"Attachment principles teach us that most people are only as needy as their unmet needs.
When their emotional needs are met, and the earlier the better, they usually turn their attention outward.
This is sometimes referred to in attachment literature as the 'dependency paradox'. 
The more effectively dependent people are on one another, the more independent and daring they become."
 ~ "Attachment," Levine and Heller
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Interesting stuff

Thank you for you have any more stories related to Attachment Theory posted on ep? Thanks!

Actually, the best information comes from reading the book, I mentioned, and also visiting that website "truth about deception." Used together, they is a great deal of understanding and knowledge to be revealed, and you think, ah now I understand why so and so is like this, and why I am like this, and helps to recognize signs for future relationships.
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*there is a great deal of information*

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