Too Long Of A Drive...

After fooling around at the big sailing party at the A. Docks (**** pulled out of my shorts and pleasured until hard in front of anyone who might have looked our way), we had to get home and fast.

Home being about 2 hours from A. and horny being about 15 minutes from a road ******* spraying the steering wheel, we had to pull over.

Off the side of the main hwy and onto the dirt road leading to a comm tower, I stopped the car. What?, she said.

You know what!

I was a gentleman and opened her door and pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles and allowed her to brace herself against the passenger seat before I rammed my hard **** deep inside her.

She was as wet as can be and my hard **** pounded her ***** for the time it took to get us both off and to the races. Hearts beating. Panties and shorts pulled up hastily. **** stuffed back inside.

Back on the road. Smiles for both and a soaked passenger seat as she thought about the evening all the way home. And she knew what was waiting there for her.
hotelhobbies hotelhobbies
41-45, M
Jul 10, 2010