I Did And Survived

I attempted suicide because I thought at the time my life was not working out well. I also was depressed, and saw 'no hope' that my life would turn out okay. This is something that's hard to talk about, but I told my dad and he took me to the ER, where I was in the hospital in the psych ward for some time, about 3 weeks. My life and the prescriptions, just weren't working right for me. For instance, I felt key word I was living an invisible life. I felt like at the same time I wasn't, because of all the things I had to overcome such as anxiety, and depression, among other things like counseling too. I just recovered, there is more to life than what is perceived at times, and that is something I learned. I feel way different now than before, if I could travel back in time I would have went into the ER or psych ward sooner instead of trying to attempt a suicide. Hm.
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Chin up girl!

Thanks! Those were tough times..

Agreed. I went through them myself.

Glad to see others who can relate. Just that in itself is nice.

Definitely. That helped me more than anything.

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