My Suicide Attempt Part 1

on wednesday i left evryone i know & went off 2 take my life. dat nite i got so drunk, i passed out on the toilet floor in d mall with the blade in my hand. i was awoken @ 12am by a cleaner. yesterday i slight the wrist of my left hand, i was just about 2 do the right wrist wen i put my cellphone on & read all the sms's n heard the voicemails of my family & friends. i cried for an hour cos i couldnt believ how much i was missed... to be continued
heartbroken heartbroken
22-25, M
4 Responses Mar 16, 2007

Fabulous!!! Reality hit you hard ... Others will miss you!!

This person is obviously depressed and hurting and considering suicide and you ***** at them about grammar? seriously go take your sick jokes somewhere else because i'm not laughing.

I meant it toward Buttdick17 sorry

No wonder your depressed, I would be too if my grammer sucked as much as yours. Learn english and join the knights templar cartel. MONEY MONEY

You talk about GRAMMAR and write GRAMMER ? YOU SUCK AT GRAMMAR''' too.. LOL

Ain't no cure for Suicide