My Suicide Attempt Part 2

now the only reason i wanted 2 take my life was financial reasons. i read their sms's over n over again. i realized there n then dat no problem is too big n giving up isnt d way. i am now safe at home, in my warm bed & about to eat my mothers food. i am loved by so many people, so are you! i couldnt be so selfish, to end my life when evry single person i know just couldnt imagine life without me. i pray that more people realise this as well.
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22-25, M
1 Response Mar 16, 2007

It is great that you had family and friends around you to comfort and bring you back from the edge. Many people are not lucky enough to have that so it's not a matter of just "realizing it". Some people literally have no family or friends so for them there is no one to show that they truly care and support them. I am happy for you happy ending though.