Me Too

I was 18 when i tried to kill myself, I dont know what i was thinking.  I am a baby when it comes to pain so i dint do it painfully i just went through a medicine cabinet and took alot of precription meds , not sure what i took , then i drak 2 5ths of whiskey and that is all i remember.  i didnt respongd to the stimulation they did in the ambulance, i didnt come to until i was in the er and the doctor drilled his fist into my chest , i woke up scared and confused, had a tube in my throat, and black junk comming out of me.  I was given the charcole cocktail, and then was asked if i wanted to put myself in the treatment program. I agreed and was there for 2weeks.  I still dont know what it was i was killing myself for but i know that it was not worht the pain i put my family through and will never do it again.  i am 29 now and have a beautiful family , I thank God for my second chance at life.
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1 Response Apr 7, 2007

Well articulated. There had been many times where I wanted to end my life, but then I try to rationalise it by saying "I can't create life, so I don't have the right to take it away". I am happy you were unsuccessful in your attempt to kill yuorself.