What The Hell Happened Last Night. :s

Ok so i went out for mine and a friends birthday night out last night, and things where going great, i was out with friends and having a good time and had been in a pretty good mood the past week or so. OK so i drank way too much like usual, sniffed a bit too much c and then i dont know what happened, all i can remember is being back home and slicing a razor blade down my arm, blood started ******* everywhere and i freaked out, i dont know if i was trying to finish it all, or i just cut too deep, i can remember being hysterical and going to my friends and pretty much passing out on his door step, a great birthday pressant rite, so he got me chilled, i kept having panic attacks, so they called an ambulance, they couldnt drive too drunk and i ended up in hospital, 12 stitches later arm is closed up, i just wish i new what the hell made me do it, i cut a lot, but never deep, just enough for release without going silly. now im getting so much grief for doing it i wish i had just gone that little bit deeper..... 
sarahluvtommy sarahluvtommy
18-21, F
May 6, 2012