My Turning Point

I was homeless for about a year and during that time I was a prostitute. I started a relationship with a man and relied on him for housing for about two years, but I cheated on him and ruined that. I was homeless again, and I didn't want to be a ***** again. I manged to get by shoplifting, but after a couple of months, desperation took me to a truck stop where I worked at a gloryhole for three hours. It was awful, and at least one trucker got violent and crossed the line. I made about a hundred buck, and I went and bought some food, but I didn't want to eat anymore. I just wanted to die. I found a length of rope near the market, and walked out to the freeway overpass. I tied one end to the railing, made a noose out of the other, slipped it over my neck, and jumped.

I woke up in the hospital, where I met with a homeless rights advocate. She told me should could find me housing. I'd been turned down by homeless shelters before, so I was skeptical. I met with some more people who asked me about my background. I ended up being released to their homeless shelter, and I was there for a few weeks until they put me in supportive housing. They also found me a job as a housekeeper at a motel, which is the most disgusting job I can think of. Things are doing better now. I can feed myself without the degradation of being a hooker, I have a great boyfriend, and I'm living on my own.
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

When you failed at suicide was it worse realizing you're still alive or that you're also a failure?

You're a piece of **** for saying that to someone

it was a joke XD trust me if this person wanted to kill themselves they'd be doing it, not telling people online about how they tried. No one "tries" to kill themselves, they do if they want to, or get a bunch of attention and help if they "try".

seriously please heart that comment I made, or im going to kill myself. I'll go dickless for michael chicklis if you heart my comment.

u mean housekeeping job is worse than sucking ***** ... u bloody **** *****...suckkkkaaa

What's wrong with sucking *****....?

Glad to hear things are turning around for you.

What led to your homelessness ?

What is so disgusting about cleaning hotel rooms ?

I hope things work out for you..........good luck.

I'm glad you have rebounded: it's terrible how far you can fall, and terrifying.