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3 years into my heroin addiction and a broken heart later, I swallowed sixty tylenol pms, and about 40 tussin 45's (prescription cold medicine). I wanted to die desperately but more importantly I wanted attention and so I told my sis that I would not be able to do her hair in the morning. With that she went downstairs and saw the empty bottles in the garbage can and told my parents.  Within 20 minutes there was police at my bedroom door.  I didn't resist because I was already feeling the effects.  I just planned on going to sleep.  The man in the ambulance chuckled.  "You are going to be sorry" he said.  Once inside the e.r., the woman asked me my name and with that I remember puking a purple liquid and then darkness.  It wasn't until several days later that I awoke, partially, from a coma. I was in the ICU, restrained to my bed with a resident sitting next to me at all times.  I was hallucinating and kept thinking I was smoking cigarettes and accidentally dropping them on the bed.  The best part about it was the tube that ran from my nose down through my throat and into my stomach, pumping me full of all sorts of great stuff.  It was so bothersome on my throat that I kept trying to rip it out and thus the restraints.  And then followed the yucky stinky greenish yellow diahrea liquid that just kept creeping out of my butt.  I couldn't stop it if I tried.  I was quite attractive if I might add.  And when I was finally aloowed to leave, I couldn't go home but instead to a pysch hospital where I was allowed to sign myself in. thus signing myself back out in 72 hours.  And the moral of this story "Attempting suicide was THE dumbest thing to do!" We only have a short amount of time here on this earth. If it isn't worth living for yourself, then live for someone else.  Live for a child in Africa who lost both of her parents to blood diamonds. Live for a child here in the USA in the year 2007 that thinks a mom who smokes crack and a dad that molests her is okay.  Live for anyone but yourself and maybe if you can make just a little bit of difference in someone elses life, then just maybe they'll make a difference in your life.  And if you are just indifferent to it all, don't waste your time because you're already dead.
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Nice EMT. He chuckled and said "you are going to be sorry". People need to have more compassion for anyone who is crying out for help. A Little kindness and sympathy can make a lot of difference. Especially from people whose job is to save and care for people. Shhesh

my **** is not so bad so how do I get certain people to understand certain ****?

you said it yourself, you were only looking for attention. Some of us are looking for any way out... No letters, no notes and no telling anyone about it because we don't want it to be stopped.and even now, here you are posting your experienceas if other people's pain is just an attempt to get attention. and your reasoning or way of supposedly healing oneself is by caring for another... Wow that's really original, did you get that from a f****** Berenstain Bear book? That's great if you have your own f****** selfish reasons for attention but don't you dare lower anyone else's pain to your ******* bullshit talent show. You want attention, then call a hotline. Your so far up your own *** that you think the s*** you regurgitate actually has meaning, you were a moron looking for attention, so step the f*** aside this isn't amateur hour. And keep your Barbie bullshit experiences shoved straight up your f****** ***

I agree that killing yourself is a dumb thing...but then again it is always an option yeah sure you can get help but those people can never know the true pain. They can't know what it's like to spend countless nights crying alone in a room because you're not good enough...you see some people don't want to die they want to stop pain...and some people aren't even thinking about killing themselves they just think that if they were going to die they would let it happen...no one can be truly happy it's practically impossible but sometimes there is a better way to do things than kill yourself...maybe some people want to die but they don't want to hurt others then they find other things to take the pain away...with this I say to you yes it is a stupid idea but yes it's a pain reliever

Talk about a bad idea. Honestly, you would probably have to take at least two full bottles of tylenol pm to actually do enough immediate damage to kill yourself. Even then it would sorta depend on your tolerance to the effects. If you have built up a tolerance to them it takes a whole lot of them to actually kill you.

I’ve always had a high tolerance for medications so I frequently take major overdoses of them. The most I have ever taking in one sitting was 48. I had already taken 32 and forgot how many I had actually taken. My mother was there and I asked her how many I took and she told me I needed to take 16 more.

That ***** knew how many I had already taken and lied to me about it on purpose because she wanted to see what happened. All it did was make me really sick for a day. It will end up screwing up my liver but drinking will do the same so Im not worried about it. Unless you wanna get really sick don’t try to use tylenol PM to kill yourself. It doesn’t work, and even if it did it would be an extremely unpleasant way to do it.

About 3 hours ago I took half a bottle of Aleve pills not quite sure what's going to happenI don't feel good I feel sick depressed not quite sure what to do? Oh what's going to happen?

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Not suicidal but I am struggling to manage the stress in my life and emotionally falling apart. The words are true about living for someone else. Things were far better when my son was young and under my care. Now that my focus is gone from taking care of him, my life seems rather poorly planned. I have a high stress toxic environment job, a rather modest home, and I am struggling to keep up with just these responsibilities and emotionally taxed to the point that as a person who is almost 50 I am breaking down and crying on a regular basis. I have no idea why I am even in my life, the work is laborious and getting worse by the day and now that my son is raised I feel like that there is nothing good that comes out of me. I am an obsessive buyer and waste my money emotional on things I never use. I have gotten so emotional weak and disappointed in myself that I am looking for anything good or productive to come from my efforts and small failures become devastating. I came from a back ground of abuse and I find that in the quietness and isolation of my life things are coming back to haunt me and my worst enemy is my own thought process. I just wanted a sense of love and family. I have very much so one with my son, but he is on his own and doing well and my inability to cope emotionally has me feeling failure is imminent and I do not wish to be a poor example to my faith, my family, or the corporation where I work. I just wish I had the money to buy a ticket to an exotic location and people can wonder about why I left and what was waiting for me there and hopefully maintain a mystery that is optimistic. To the best of my abilities I am losing an economic and emotional battle with myself and I am feeling very weak and destined to bring no good to myself or others. It was an extremely rough weekend and I hope my spirits improve.

You are feeling the same things way too many of us feel. I know that I feel like what it seems like you feel, that we are all alone. Which is true in some physical sense. But no matter who else we have in our life, we always have our selves. I dont mean some sort of religious hocus pocus, just that when everything is boiled down to its core part, WE are the center of OUR universe. Nothing else is more important! The only thing that can fix our problems of feeling alone, are what we do to help ourselves. If you are lonely, the only real fix is to go out be with people. I know it sounds like one of those bullshit late night TV sales ads but it is the truth of the matter. Hard as it is to break the endless circle, the only way to stop the merry-go-round is to get off of it yourself. Make yourself get out and do things. No one can do it for you. I am in a boat much like yours. But never had kids. You have to live for yourself and not for someone else. I look in the mirror and think there is no chance that anyone could possibly be interested in an old broke down fart like me. But you know what? That is VERY unlikely to be true. You are more than your looks or your job, or your political ideas. We all are our worst critics, with an astronomically low percent of people who think wrongly that their stuff doesnt stink (Some people really do suck, but that is a rarity.). Go out to your local pub and just talk to someone. If they are so into themselves they cant be decent, talk to someone else. The worst that can happen is that you will see that other people must have even crappier lives than yours to be such d**ks.


I want to be DEAD ---Wish I had a gun for myself so I don't have to live in this lousy life anymore There is no reason for me to live anymore (( I am a grown adult---not a teenager) I don't give a **** to live for my 2 children --who are Teenagers cause they both don't give a **** about me anymore ---cause they live with the BASTARD FATHER----WHO I REALLY HATE !!!!--for the **** that he has done to me over the past 5 years I don't want to live anymore!!!!!

I WANT TO DIE because I have hated my own life for the past 5 years and I want to know what poisons to take quickly and painlessly to die

The ones already in your heart.

thank you SO MUCH!

Im ready to die. I want to die from tylenol. My mother passed away last month due to liver failure. I watched her die and she was in so much pain. I miss her dearly. I want to go through what she did. Its to harsh to live anymore. I now don't blame my father for taking his own life when I was 6. He should of just taken me with him. I never believed in depression.
I would have the outlook of life happens get over it and move on. I have went through so much in my own childhood that I really felt I could validate that. Well now here I am in the same boat. Its just to hard to go on. Im not going to be impulsive about it. Im going to make my house sparkle, donate to the needy, spread my moms ashes and maybe go to the beach one last time. I will miss my husband and kids but they will get over it just as I did with my father.

so if you still there How much Tylenol does one take to end their life for I also am ready to die I hate my life and don't want to be any older (( I am a grown adult))

I lost everything,, my job of 11 years, my house went into foreclosure and lost it My wife that i had known for thirty years and were married for 14 divorced me and is now seeing someone else. My 13 year old son dont want to come around cause hes tired of seeing me this way and my step daughter out of the blue says she wants nothing to do with me. I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE ITS BEEN 4 YEARS AND IT FEELS LIKE IT HAPPENED YESTERDAY. All i do is drink and blackout, i just want to hit the off button. I am so hurt by all of this. When i go to church all i do is cry. Im living in a trailer bymyself. It doesnt get much darker, thinking about hanging myself otdo the tylenol pms. I cant take it seeing her with someone else.

hang on to your life sir, pray to almighty , don't give up on yourself so easily.

I hate my life ALSO at least the """Rich"" people have money for their Good Drugs and to Heck with Religion answers---I have been divorced for 4 years now and have hated it since being divorced I have been on my own also for 4 years and barely surviving I wish I had a gun for myself along with good drugs to end my life!! ( I am a grown adult and not a teenager)) I can't take being alive anymore either there is no more reason !!!

I am tired and worn out and pretty much at the end of my rope and reading what you wrote I felt compelled to say please live and know God loves you and in that moment I was far from my own sorrow. So brother please live and believe in the love of God and know it is eternal and greater than our temporary situations.

Okay, if you were a heroine addict and wanted to kill yourself wouldn't you just overdose on heroine? That seems like a much easier more reliable way to kill yourself...

speaking from experience.. yes that seems a better way to go, but not everyone has the amount of money you would need to acquire that amount of heroin.

Biggest **** up not resisting. I'm going to do it just took 80 500mg tabs of Tylenol and I have a shotgun ready for the ******* cops. Either I die or they do. Worthless ******* pigs.

thanks man🙏👍😔

The original story here had the key words "but more importantly I wanted attention". Anyone serious about suicide will do it in a definite way, not take a bottle of Tylenol which is very uncertain, and in most circumstances unless you're heavily drinking will not kill you but make you very sick and damage your insides. This person wanted attention, but didn't really want to commit suicide. She also gave her sister a hint, so she wanted to be rescued. And the "coma" was more likely unconsciousness. It's not a good idea to play around with something that is very serious for people who actually want to die. I feel sorry very little for the attention-getters. You just do it if mean it, you don't tell anyone.

I agree with some of the others that suicide may be the answer for some. People who say that it's "selfish", "cowardly", "there's so much to live for", "you'll be hurting others", are clueless and unemphatic. How do YOU know that there is ANYONE in the suicidal person's life? There ARE people who are absolutely alone in the world, that have neither friends nor family. Or have "family" that will not support him or her. If the suicidal person is completely alone, how will anyone miss he or she? And if you're alone, with no job, no way of getting a job, about to become homeless, what exactly is there to live for? People spout about everything to live for, but they're not telling you what you SHOULD live for. They don't know the person's entire history, and a person just can't sum it up in a few paragraphs. It's easy to lecture, but if so many strangers care so much, are they going to take you in, guide you, REALLY help you, instead of just talking AT you? No, I doubt it very much. No stranger is obligated to take care of another stranger, but leave us not throw words in which we know nothing about. The ones that try to encourage living "for everything" have NOT truly been down the road of serious suicidal tendencies.

What people don't realize is that sometimes the thought of death, though frightening, might actually feel like a relief. There is no more thoughts of being sick with worry, no more feeling tired mentally and physically, no more having to wake up and face, at best, an indifferent world. Social workers and mental health counselors love to spout by rote "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem". Whoopee. Could we get any more patronizing? Sometimes I've felt like asking "Did you make that up?" Of course these people that are in for life in a cushy job never tell you exactly how to change your life and make it actually better. They get paid for telling you nothing, doing nothing, and not keeping up on clients for all they know may be dead when they don't contact them. They sit at a desk while lecturing and talking at you, not WITH you. They don't offer any real solutions to the so-called "temporary" problem.

Well, hell, why SHOULD they care? They have to deal with dozens of clients a day. Faces eventually get blurred. Why should any of us in particular be important to them? They're just doing (and I use the term loosely) their "jobs". When one says he or she is going to kill him or herself, they call the police on him or her because they don't want to get sued or in trouble, not because they really care. After all, to them you're an attention-seeking crybaby not really serious.

So you want to say "you've got everything to live for"? Well, unless you're prepared to put your words into action, don't say a tired old cliche that means nothing. And don't give me anything especially about God. God is not going to take care of me before He takes care of small children that are suffering in the world. Unless we are very, very lucky, many of us are on our own. The decision to die is our own choice, and no one can make it better if it's the only option to us.

what is with the tylenol!!!!

This story and the comments saying that suicide is not the answer is a load of bullshit! Complete with all of the TYPICAL poor grammar and ****** spelling! Suicide IS the answer for many folks. Congrats to those who've succeeded in departing from this **** stain of a society!!!! Depression IS NOT CURABLE! Treatments for depression are superficial at best, unless you're the naive type that'll believe the f****** doctors into taking antidepressants only to discover that those meds will sometimes make your depression worse, do nothing at all or have an extremely minor therapeutic effect. If you've gone as far as to plan out your suicide and are ready and willing to do it, then what's stopping you?! Yeah, life sucks. You come into this world with nothing and you leave it with nothing. And yes: sometimes suicide IS the answer.

Sometimes no matter what you do, nothing changes. You wake to the same feelings everyday. The guilt ridden piece of crap you were yesterday and the day before and the day after that. And it goes on and on without change. Even the meds don't help. I was talking a dose of 2 miligrams of xanax three times a day. The doctors started to taper me off and now I'm down to 0.5 miligrams twice a day and they think that has to help me. But, I am far worse off than when I started! I don't see a way out at all. My husband killed himself in Rikers Island and I don't have the balls to do it here at home! And I'm not afraid at all. It is the people, my family, that I worry about. And ironically, they are the same reason I don't want to be here anymore. Not because I hate them. It is the very opposite. But because I love them so much that I can't bear to think of the past. What I should have done and what I shouldn't have done for them and to myself. I see how this may not make sense, but it makes so much sense to me.

Because you love them is why I want to leave sometimes. It is ironic. Thank you for getting it

Im sure I sound like a million different ppl u all have heard but, SUICIDE IS NEVER THE WAY!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE READ MY STORY AND I HOPE IT CAN HELP AT LEAST ONE PERSON. I came home from the hospital about 3 hours ago and it starts like this.... I an 23 years old/female and have struggled with depression and anxiety from the age of 12. I was sexually abused as a child by multipule family members including my own father. i have always struggled with my identity and feeling that others didnt love me and i never loved myself very much either. I have gone thru many drug addictions since about the age of 17. Cocaine, xanax, alcohol, meth, and the most recent, heroin which i did for about a year and have been clean 7 weeks now. So Wed night i drank almost a whole bottle of wine (alcohol and i have never gotten along well) and got into a horrible fight with my mother and step father, who i live with since breaking up with my year long bf 7 weeks ago. I tried calling ALL my friends to come get before things got worse but no one could come not even my best friend and i felt crushed! So my mother ended up slapping me (which i deserved) and my step father threw me out of the house. this was about 3am. since no one would come get me, i just walked and walked until about 7am. while walking i was on a main road and went across a highway overpass, i just sat there looking down thinking how sorry my parents would be for being mean to me if i just jumped. didnt do it. went home showered and slept until about 1230 pm. my mothe woke me up by coming in my room and throwing a box of trash bags on the floor and saying "heres your luggage pack your **** and get out of my house". my step dad was at work and my mother and i had an all out screaming competition. i felt like she didnt love me anymore and told her that i wanted to die. i went in the bathroom and took about 15-20 tylonal pm, thinking it would be the best way to go. my mother called a suicide hotline and tried to get me to talk to the woman, i didnt want to. she called my gma who means soooo much to me, i told gma i didnt want to live anymore and that i loved her and then hung up. last she called my step dad who told me i need to get out and be in the sun and take a walk and just try to see the beauty in life, i told him i loved him and hung up. right then i started feeling the effects of the tylonal. my tongue and fingers wents numb and i felt like i might pass out. i guess at that point i realized i was just doing for attention and didnt actually want to die. i went into a panic, making myself throw up thinking that would make it all better. then i told my mother waht i did and asked her to please call an ambulance bc i think im going to die, she said "well isnt that what u wanted". ****** up right? so she told me to keep making myself throw up and i did until i wasnt throwin up the blue **** anymore but i knew i might still die if i didnt go to the hospital. so i begged her to call 911. i met a police man downstairs, told him what happened and he said "your 23 girl, u got ur whole life ahead of you" i asked him if i was going to be ok, he said i would. when i got in the ambulance tho, they were not so reasurring. the man told me i could have severe permanent liver damage and said he didnt know if i would be ok. the woman said i could die in two weeks from the damage. they did not know if i was going to be ok. i chug charcole on the way to the hospital. get there and they hook me up with IVs. i dont remember everything they did but i layed with my eyes closed after everyone left me alone( i went to the hospital alone and didnt know if i would ever get to see my mother again) i felt awful for the way i had treated her and just wanted her there to tell her i was sorry. i dosed off for a few minutes and woke up to a touch on my arm, it was my mom. i told her i was so so sorry through a waterfall of tears and she said she was sorry too. she stayed with me the rest of the time i was there which was about 3 days. during my stay at the hospital i had alot of time to think, and this was the second time in 1 1/2 yrs being hospitalized for a suicide attempt, and all i could think about was how much i would be hurting all the ppl who loved me that i would leave behind. and I DONT CARE WHO YOU ARE, THERE IS ALWAYS, ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO LOVES YOU!!! IF YOU DONT THINK ANYONE DOES, GUESS WHAT? I LOVE YOU!!!! Bc i know exactly how you feel!!! and trust me there is always a light after the dark. no u may not be happy every single day but without sadness we would not know what happy is. and ur life will not always be perfect bc no ones life is perfect, i dont care how rich, beautiful, or famous u are, everyone has ****** days. i have a completley new look on life now and i cannot wait to make the best of it!! i start a new job on tues and plan to go to school to become a nurse so i can share my love with ppl who are sick, physically and mentally. i have never been a stronge believer in god or anything like that but i believe this was his plan for me. and just know he puts you through these hard times bc he knows that you are stronge. So if u feel like you want to die just please please reconsider and think not about hurting yourself but who else u will hurt. like i said you are stronge so do not take the easy way out. live a life to help others, jst do whatever you have to do to feel better please!!! If anyone ever needs to talk please please contact me on here and i will do WHATEVER i can to help you!! and just know that god loves you and so do i!!!!!!! *BIG HUGS*

I know you wrote this a long time ago but I hope you get this because reading your post is the only thing that has made me rethink what I am about to do. Before I read this I had 30 stillnox 10 xnanax 30 Valium 30 endep and 14 paracetamol next to me ready to end my life. I am a 23 year old girl and for the past few years I haven't wanted to be here anymore. Then I found someone that nummed that pain. Today I lost that person and I don't know to live without them anymore. The email Address I provided is fake so I will probably never know if you reply but I just wanted to know that today you did save someone's life.. My life and that means so much to me. Thankyou for writing this post x

Wanna chat. U ok

Wanna chat. U ok

Someone please help me... I want to die... I don't know what to do... I'm a smart person, just life has not been going the way i have planned...

Wanna chat. U ok

I have been severely depressed for over 15 years now. I have not been able to live a "normal" life because of it. Growing up, my parents couldn't be bothered with me. I am 1 of 5 kids and we were dirt poor. My mother was neglectful and mean. My father was like a zombie. I first started getting into trouble at the age of 13 and by the time I was 15, I was locked up in an all-girls treatment facility on the other side of the state. When I was released back to my parents at the age of 16, my mother kicked me out 3 days later. She never wanted me and always called me "a worthless piece of ****." I never went back after she kicked me out at 16. I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction over the years, but my biggest struggle has been learning to love myself and accept myself for who I am. I am 27 now and these past two years have been hell. I got caught back up in the judicial system as an adult and I can't get hired anywhere now. I was going to Community College for last 6 years, on and off, trying to earn a degree in Criminal Justice and now I've had to watch that dream get flushed down the toilet. I use to be so proud of myself because I had earned my GED, worked a full time job, and was paying for school on my own. To add to the mounting problems, I can't even look at myself in the mirror anymore because of damage that I have done to my body. I feel like I have nothing and I feel like no one understands. I'm not sure if suicide is the answer but I feel like there is no escaping this darkness and infinite sadness. I have no job and no benefits so I can't see a therapist or get medication to help with this depression. I feel like there is nowhere I can go from here. I have been crying all day for days now. I can't eat. I need medicine to sleep. I have given away my clothes and other possessions. I've started writing goodbye letters. I can't stop from doing any of this either. I just finished cleaning me and my boyfriends apartment because I don't want to leave it messy for him if I do kill myself. A part of me feels dead already. I wish I could be the woman I once thought I would be. <br />
Depression is real. My brother-in-law Maclean Paquette committed suicide on Jan 6, 2006. He left behind a beautiful 1 year old boy named Caeleb. People said he was a coward who took the easy way out, but I always felt differently. I think sometimes life can really be too much and death becomes a welcomed escape from the pain and the sadness. Depression hurts. It hurts the mind and it hurts the body.<br />
I don't want to kill myself because I don't want to bring pain into other people's lives. I seen what suicide did to my sister when Maclean killed himself and I don't want her to have to go through that again. I just hope that I am strong enough to survive.

i took about 12 Tylenol pm and god was the side affects horrible for me, i became very sleepy and the next thing i knew, i woke up and could not breath. my skin was sweaty, i felt as if i was having a heart attack, i wanted to die but not to suffer; scared i was not about dieing but scared that i would live with more suffering from injuring my body ,so i had to tell my parents my attempt . I walked around the house dizzy trying not to sleep, i felt so tried: i knew if i did go to sleep something bad would happen. I had muscle spams in my legs , i just wanted to shake violently and scream this horrible pain in my chest and lungs : we went to the hospital ,no damage to my lvier however they wanted me to force me into in patient, hell no - those in patient phycs are unhelpful expensive, abusive and rude. Me and my parents quickly left the hospital. I have depression genetic so i half to take medicine for my serotonin imbalance, it is very helpful the medicine however its scary.I still want to die, i do not know why anymore i have so many problems i just want them to end , i wont miss my loved ones because i feel so disconnected from them they are strangers to me, but i will miss my music my art so many things in life. Ill do my best to stay alive and happy while i still am and the next time my emotions get out of control ill do the best i can to cope with it like i learned in therapy, wish me luck and i hope everyone whom suffer from this incurable disease can relate to this: its a sickness people cannot see so its hard to explain the problem, its hard to talk, its hard to know the outcome and whats even worse is knowing my emotions get uncontrollable yet there nothing i can do. sometimes i wish i never knew about it , stayed ignorant and simply act like its a normal part of me however its not.

all i can say is suicide is not the answer because death does not come without suffering and if you do want to die still , prepare to suffer horrible amounts of pain that you cannot control beyond your comprehension

I'm very tempted to go through with it. Life has gotten so bad that I really don't want to live through it anymore. I don't see it getting any better, only worse. It sucks to be alone. To walk the same streets over, and over. While everyone looks forward to the end of work or the weekend, I absolutely dread it.

Tylenol is a bad way to kill yourself. The most successful suicides involve a firearm of some kind. That said, don't kill yourself. I also used to be suicidal, and I think a lot of my depression had to do with living for other's expectations. If you honestly believe that life has no meaning, then give it one--do whatever you want. If you have the balls to kill yourself, then you probably also have the balls to live according to your own terms.

a few years ago I took a bunch of ambien, prozac, and pain killers to try to kill myself. I woke up 3 days later with a horrible headache and bruised (don't know how that happened). I thnk I vomited a few times. maybe that is why I'm still alive. I don't wan to be.

I swallowed 40 Tylenol and went to sleep. Then I woke up a couple hours later and vomited for what seemed an eternity, which I'm guessing led to my survival. I never told anyone until now. I did all of this when I was 19 because I had severe acne. I'm 26 now and have great skin that was improved only through diet and home remedy topical applications. Point is, no matter how ridiculous or shameful you believe your problems are, it is better to tell someone than to suffer alone.

I, like one of the other posts, took close to 100 Tylenol PM and went to sleep in a hotel room...My wife found me, as she searched my bank statement, and found where I was at...After being pumped full of charcoal, and almost passing twice, I woke up after a two day Coma with no harm being done to my liver...I have looked at life in a whole new light, as I got away from my wife, and started over to become a better person...I have not had a bad day in the last 2 yrs...I see people that complain everyday about the littlest things, and I keep saying that it would not bother you if you only knew my story...I am currently on medication to treat my depression, and am not ashamed that I have to take it...You would have not wanted to be around me two years ago, as I was never smiling or laughing..Now, people tell me everyday that I make their day better when I am around, and that makes me happy...God Bless

I had a recent attempt that was really bad. I was fed up with the rebounding from Ritalin- i couldnt go out as I was so bad. The rebound let to a crazy psychosis. Anyway i took gravol to make myself sleepy and it helped with the rebound. The problem was I began to become atticted to it and was taking 20-30 a night. One night I had w rebound so bad that I was angry and throwing glasses in my room. I basically lost it. The rebound was also bad due to a relationship that was toxic and cruel. I was so mad that he didnt come to me when I wa sthrowing glasses and talk to me. I told him I had taken a whole thing of gravol as I couldnt take it anymore. He ignored me. I put a note under the bed room door and he put it back. So i lay in the glass on the floor and cried. I woke up in the morning and was so upset that I had to deal with him and this that I took more gravol and half a container of Ritalin<br />
I ended up calling my friend. I didnt want to die-but at that time I didnt want to deal with the pain that he hates me so much he couldnt even save my life.<br />
since then I am planning to move out- I avoid talking to him- saw someone to get me off the ritalin and on to a drug that doesnt cause me to rebound so bad.<br />
life is worth another try for me. I want to suceed. I wanna do it and it will be so easy once I get rid of this idiot that manipulated me into loving him

Well let me tell you my story I'm still deeply depresed I overdosed with tylenol 2 years ago I took 100 pills.I only remember that my whole body went numb and I was knocked out.I woke up in a hospital after a coma was very confused and had a lot of vomiting.i survived but I still think about commiting a suicide because nothing has changed in my life since then.I still think about odiing because that incident didn't change my view of life not even a bit.

I feel the same exact way.

i was shocked by this story and to be honest with you i dont know what to say other than its good to hear that you survived this ordeal. although i dont think this was wise on your part but i can understand why people do this including me so i cant argue with you. the whole point of this is to wish you well and hope that now at this moment that things are goin good for you, stay strong :-D

Thank you for sharing this. I hope the ones who are thinking about commiting suicide read this. I was an Emergency Medical Tech for three years and I saw plenty of this from your side. It is not worth it. I am depressed but I would never take my own life. I am not going to say I have not thought about it but what stops me is I look at the pain it would cause others. I am glad you are doing good now and I hope life continues to treat you well.

I couldnt agree more. I attempted this past august and over dosed on asprin and tylenol. slept for 10 hours, woke up nearly dead, spent 5 days in icu, 5 days in after care. Dumbest thing I could have done, but it also taught me how to truly live. All those thing I said I wanted to do someday I'm actually doing. Cause I just remind myself it could be worse, I could be dead and not have the opportunity at all. god bless.