I Want To End The Pain.

58, unemployed Doctor of Chiropractic who cannot find a menial job to make ends meet here in sunny Florida. 9.00 an hour would do the trick, adfter retiring from my beloved profession because of the Washington lobbyists who took away chiropractic reimbursement, leaving me with my hat in the wind. 50% hearing loss, no job, no insurance, no income at all. Rent $615.00, and I can't GIVE AWAY my double wide. Chronice sever depression for over a decade, can't get the right meds, because the county insurance program is not equipped properly to handle depression cases. Suicidal ideation constantly. What is there to live for? Another day of unemployment? ( OH - I have and keep looking )..but for what?... another garbage job to sustain my depression?
Another day of anxiety and depression?
EarlMammoser EarlMammoser
Dec 1, 2012