Time 2 Give Up

can't do it anymore guess 4 so long ive tried 2 win but its 2 hard sat at home alone 4 so long 10 yrs since i had a partner no kids i have family but if i want 2 c them i have 2 visit them no-one has ever visited my home in the 13yrs ive lived here or any of my homes i don't have 1 single friend no job anymore so can't do xmas i so want 2 die (and i will) but then i think of family and how they will feel
tennant1 tennant1
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I hope you're still here and finding the strength to keep going. I feel exactly the same as you and so worn out with it all. Take care x

I am in some ways in the same boat as You.I spent Thanksgiving alone.and it proved to be
a very lonely day.Lucky for Me I live behind 40,000 acres of state park,and spent the day out there.Nature always sooths Me at times like this.Give it a try!