Some people may read this and think I'm being ridiculous, but its genuinely how i feel. I have thought about 'doing the deed' for a couple weeks now, ever since my boyfriend of nearly 3 years broke up with me on the 29th november. Hehardly speaks to me, and when he does I think its only because he's got some kind of hidden agenda. He wanted to be alone, and now that he is, I feel like I would rather not be here than be alone. He was everything to me, and without him, I don't see any point in living. I don't know if I can handle it much longer before I actually do it. I don't care how, I just can't feel this way for much longer. Advice anyone? Thanks, K.♥
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

You are not being ridiculous, my dear. I will not tell you not to do it; from experience, I know it amounts to nothing unless you yourself want to live. It is hard; I know. But you are not alone. Do me a favor: think about your life, think about what you have, and think about your loved ones and their reaction to losing you, if you cannot think about yourself in a caring way right now. Please try to open up about your feelings to somebody to whom you're close. I too was considering suicide a couple of days ago, and because a dear friend of mine made time for me, I am still here. You will be fine. Take care.

I thought it suitable to add something else: moreover, you are so very young. The gift of love is a precious one, even if it is one-sided. Please remember that life, by definition, is constantly changing in such a way as to allow you to grow as a person. And you will grow. You will be fine. I truly believe that.