A Tear Drop From The Rose-a Poem

A tear drop from the rose
came forth because of thee
it felt your hurt and pain
as it felt your agony.

The rose shined so brightly
even when you smiled so slightly
its love for you is so real
that it can sense how you feel.

The scent from the rose
is sent to heal you
filling you with love
bringing you unto God.

God created and sent you the rose
so that you can feel the embrace of God
being forever loved, being filled with Godly Holy Love.
Alicehath Alicehath
56-60, F
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I love this

I believe in God but feel abandond. Life has caused me so much greif the past 3 years. People say hang on a little longer things will get better, they are wrong it just gets hard. The time is near when ill take my life, its the only way now

God has never abandoned you. He never left or forsaken you. If you take your life you will face Him. Your ending your life is not what He will be pleased at. Some people that have by God's mercy come back after committing suicide wish they have never done it. It was a terrible experience when they faced God that was outraged at them. Believe me you do not want to go there. Pray hard and go get a good counselor, a church you feel comfortable to go to. If you don't want religion go to AA meeting, and talk to a counselor. They have been there too. Jesus said, "I felt every tear drop when in darkness you cried". God can bless, and help you. These people can to. I know life is hard. You mean to others more than you know. Your smile, your laughter, you joys I am sure you have shared with others. You said, some people say hang on things will get better. You have more friends and support than you know. There are more people more lonely than you. Read Alicehath articles. I have a lot to share that will help me. I was saved, loved, and cared for by others. Believe me, there are people out there that care. I have really been there. Keep writing to me. I will pray for you.