A Few Times

twice i was looking to be hit by a train, three times i was looking to find an end to it all in a bottle of pills, twice they were pain killers, once they were antidepressants. once i was looking to bleed to death out of my wrists. many a time i was looking to bleed my sorrows away without dying... it's pretty apparents if you see my arms and legs. i'm getting help. but i want to help everyone else too. contact me, be my friend. we can all help eachother
maiaxxstar maiaxxstar
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 27, 2007

Helping other people can really help.

So true, I was seriously considering suicide tonight and had taken my moms antidepressant/anxiety drugs and was looking up other ways to kill yourself when I came upon this site, and I don't know why but these stories are giving me hope and even though I feel like **** I made myself puke up the drugs because part of me feels that there is just a small bit of hope left. Thank you everyone for inspiration. You are making a difference and that should be something to live for :)